Why Are Virgos So Smart? A 2023 Guide To Virgo Intelligence

why are virgos so distant why are virgos so smart

Does the intelligence of a Virgo astonish you? It is not surprising for a Virgo to be intellectually sound as compared to other signs. Sometimes, as a result, they can be intimidating and cold at the same time. What is the reason behind their behavior? Why are Virgos so smart?

Virgos are smart because they are more logical in their decisions rather than emotion-oriented approaches. They depend on their hard work and practical methods to learn and handle any situation appropriately. If they face any obstacles, their analytical advances give them a better handle on the problem than the rest.

When it comes to learning, they don’t depend much on others. Instead, they try to understand things their way. They are ready to sit for hours to solve a question or learn a topic thoroughly.

Why Are Virgos So Smart?

Following are some reasons why Virgos tend to be smarter than the rest:

Overly Critical

  • Virgos are usually quiet people who like to keep their friend circle small. It helps them to focus on their goals and work without much interaction or disturbances. Hence, they expect their few friends to be there for help when needed. They expect their friends to understand and behave accordingly around them.
  • Virgos are more so overly critical of themselves. They focus on their weakness and try to improve in the ways they can. They will also compete with others, and if they fail, they torment themselves and try to work harder. Personal failures, public embarrassments, own shortcomings, etc., are some things they take too seriously.

When people don’t meet their expectations, or they fail miserably somewhere along the way, they become depressed. They may lose faith in others and even in themselves for some period. However, they learn from it and come back even stronger.

Very soon, they start to depend on experiences and hard works but little on people or their abilities. Hence, being overly critical helps them to become smarter people.


  • Not backing down is one strong trait of the Virgos. If they set their mind to achieve or complete a task, they never compromise with anything else. Hence, even if they fail, they will continue trying until they succeed.
  • Similarly, they are seldom flexible when dealing with people. They will stick to their ideals and methods if they find them to be more logical and convenient. Until they are proven wrong, they will close their ears to any comments or advices from others. They are well aware of how too many cooks can spoil the broth.

However, Virgos are always ready to unlearn and relearn if they realize that they are wrong. They always welcome correction but not constant pestering and unconvincing comments. Due to their stubbornness, they get to experience the extreme outcomes of both worlds. Consequently, they become smarter and more experienced in the long run.

Desire to learn

With a fox as Virgos’ spirit animal, they are always curious about what’s on the other side of the fence. As passionate learners, they devote their time and energy to their studies like no other. With the intent to go down to the last detail, they observe, they study, and they learn.

Their desire to learn is so fierce that they do not let anyone stand in their way. They will even defy authorities if that’s what they have to do to learn.

They understand that they will not get far in life without actual learning, as it is usually their strong trait. Asking questions wherever they go is their day to day thing. No matter how much they know, bragging about their knowledge is not in their blood.

They are the type of students who knows the answer but does not raise hands when asked. With such an attitude towards learning, it contributes significantly to their intellectual nature and smartness.

Attention to detail

Virgos are keen observers and give very proper attention to details around them. Their awareness of the surroundings keeps them sharp and alert. Every research that they do, they try to be very thorough with it. They do not like to miss out on any minute details when learning about complicated topics or structures. As a result, more or so, they possess the traits of a perfectionist.

They are aware of how even small things can affect the outcome of a subject. Any minute detail can be just the piece needed to solve any puzzle or mystery. When learning and when giving out information or teaching, they don’t like to miss any specification. Having strong knowledge of the details and the basics gives them an edge over other keen learners too.


Being smart does not involve only bookish knowledge or being clever with the mouth. Smartness also encompasses your way of doing work and handling situations aptly. Virgos are not only smart because of their awareness but because they are efficient too.

Being more practically involved in activities makes them learn faster and improves their subconscious learning. The world is their classroom, and experience is their teacher.

With no hesitation, they dive into the problems practically and work very hard. As they think logically, they put much effort into making practical decisions and involving themselves physically.


As the clichéd saying goes, ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ Virgos have a great sense of humor. They love to make funny jokes often, even at work. The reasons being:

  • Humour keeps them on their toes, their mind fresh and sharp as a razor.
  • It takes off the pressure and stresses off their shoulders.
  • It keeps their mind healthy and active.
  • It exercises their creative side of their brain.

Their jokes may be dark or a little challenging to grasp for many. But for those that can understand, the jests are at all times well-meant and hilarious. Hence, their humorous side also contributes to their smartness.

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Why are Virgos so smart? The resilient nature of the Virgos plays a vital role in fulfilling the above reasons. Many may be naturally smart, but what is talent without hard work? Please take note that not all of them are as naturally smart as you may think.

However, due to their efforts and the attention they give, they rise above the rest. Focus is indeed more essential than intelligence, and that has stood the test of time.

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