Why Are Virgos So Picky? Everything You Should Know!

why are virgos so distant 
why are virgos so smart 
why are virgos so picky 
Why Is It Hard to Date Virgos

With their element as earth, Virgos are born between the 23rd of August to 22nd of September. They are usually tough to please. When it comes to choosing their beloved, they tend to be very picky. Maybe you have a crush on a Virgo and wonder whether you’re someone he’ll or she’ll accept. Hence, out of curiosity, you might ask, why are Virgos so picky?

The main reason that Virgos are so picky is that they are very logical and practical people. They do not let their emotions come into play, even when it is regarding a romantic partner. Their analytical and decision-making habits make them so different from the rest of the signs.

It makes little difference to them whether they are playing a poker game or a game of hearts. Everything is a matter of bets, risks, and outcomes.

Why Are Virgos So Picky?

Let’s take a closer look at why Virgos are often seen as picky:

Their Practicality

When it comes to choosing a dating partner, they consider viable options wisely. By the time they met you, they would have already noted your good and bad qualities. It may seem judgmental, but for them, it is the logical thing to do.

They like to play every hand carefully. They will not date you for temporary pleasures like a one-night stand and waste their time and energy.

If they find that you are not sincere, be ready to search for another partner. Being practical people, they think about the future seriously. Therefore, they want their dating partner to be their life partner too. That is one primary reason for being picky about their romantic partners.

Their Perfectionism

Everyone is guilty of something and has their shortcomings in their way. Likewise, Virgos aren’t perfect either. However, they always continue to strive for perfection when it comes to living. They are thorough in their activities and learning too.

With a zeal to improve their lifestyle and surroundings around them daily, they remain poised and determined. They will remove any toxic people from their lives and encircle themselves with positive people if they need to.

Similarly, they are thorough with and know what qualities they desire in their partners.  It doesn’t matter whether you have looks that kill or versatile and flexible attributes. If you don’t have what they are looking for, your many positive qualities will be pointless in front of them.

They don’t have time to deal with obsessive or whining partners who are only good at dragging them down. Those they care for will point out their flaws and correct them when they need to.


Among the twelve zodiacal signs, Virgos are one of the smartest people in the room. One reason is that they are very hardworking and productive. They believe in the fact that hard work beats talent. And there’s no denying that they always prove it right, time and time again.

So, until they find the right partner, they prioritize work over romance. They do not have time for petty affairs and dramas that could harm their career or even life.

Virgos have the firm determination to finish what they started. If you get in between their work, there is always a chance that they may act cold and distant. However, if they choose you, know that you are in good hands, in the hands of a hardworking person.

Their Devotion

Once they find the right person, Virgos will not hesitate to show that they can be passionate and fiery lovers. They will show proper devotion and unconditional faithfulness when it comes to loving their one and only. All of their vulnerabilities will be open for their partner to see.

They do not hold back at flirting and loving. It goes too deep for words to describe it. Hence, the other signs do not come close to Virgo’s loyalty.

If someone breaks their heart, they will go searching for ways to escape reality. They become people that are hard to love and will only devote their time to work.  Often, they give out a part of themselves to the ones they truly love. Hence, they do not allow just anyone to enter their zone of vulnerability.


With fox as their spirit animal, Virgos can live their lives with their wits and work just fine. These foxes can roam about the world and live alone if they wish to. You will find that they are usually self-dependent and well to do in their lives. As logic rules their life, and working keeps them occupied and happy, what more do they need? They have little time for emotions and romances, so why even love at all?

Additionally, with a partner comes additional baggage, and they will have to put up with many relationship challenges. Due to these reasons, they may delay searching for a lover or even live single lives. As long as they don’t feel the need to have a partner, they would instead work and enjoy life alone.

Virgo Likes And Dislikes 
why are virgos so smart 
Are Virgos Quick to Fall in Love 
Why Is It Hard to Date Virgos

Are Virgos Quick to Fall in Love?

Virgos often take their time and will wait for the right one to come. They are not in any hurry or desperate to fall in love with anyone they meet. With expectations and a standard to maintain, they go on with their daily lives without being distracted by romance.

Do Virgo Males Do the Chasing if They’re Interested?

Being logical people, a Virgo male will make sure that the girl is also into him. He will only make advances if the female shows some interest in him too. If the girl does not look his way, he will likely divert his focus somewhere else. That is, even if he has feelings for the girl.

Why Is It Hard to Date Virgos?

Though Virgos may find themselves exciting and funny, the opposite sex may usually think otherwise. That is because their interests and jokes may only focus on topics related to their field of study or interests.

Virgos are generally self-absorbed people. It might be healthier for them to date someone who is on par with their intellectual or interests. Most times, they are serious as logic tends to rule over their lives.


Why are Virgos so picky? Virgos can be very picky, but they have their reasons. And if they choose you, it means that they trust you and sees something exceptional in you. They will challenge you and want you to grow along with them.

They are picky because they are vulnerable too. Know that their perfectionist attribute is partly a result of their insecurities. So, be understanding of them and give them space to grow.

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