Bernie Sanders Natal Chart, Horoscope & Zodiac Sign 2023

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If you do not remember Mr. Bernie Sanders from the US senate, you remember him from all the memes that have been floating around. Yes, we are talking about the guy who stole President Biden’s thunder in his swearing-in ceremony.

Bernard Sanders is the current chair of the Senate budget committee, which is the newest addition to his portfolio. Before that, he was the longest-serving independent in United States of America’s congressional history. He served as the junior United States senator from Vermont. He was also given the role of being the representative of the US for the state at large congressional districts for a very long duration of sixteen years.

Bernard aimed to be the president of the United States of America but was unsuccessful in his run. His political beliefs have always attracted respect, and his work in the field of equality and neoliberalism has gained a lot of respect. Bernie has always questioned the standards and has believed in a non-conformist attitude to bring about change. He has actively supported many causes that had no public support.

With everything that has been happening in favor of Bernie, you might think that the background processes did support him. Here is everything that you need to know about how Bernie’s stars work for him.

Strengths and Weakness in Bernie Sanders Natal Chart

Bernie has very clean mercury, which is a very peculiar trait. It simply means that he has stellar communication skills that complement his political career. He also has a very strong and positive force of Uranus, which allows him the forward-looking mindset. Uranus is the reason for Bernie’s calm demeanor.

You can also see the presence of Mercury sextile Pluto, which awards Bernie with his persuasion skills and the ability to unravel secrets and mysteries. The presence of a solid Venus in Libra makes Bernie a very attractive person. He has the power to forge relationships instantly and to stick to them.

Further, he has mars sextile in respect to Jupiter, which makes him enjoy the taste of competition. Sanders believes in putting in all he has to attain his ideals and goals. Therefore he endures being the best out of the rest. The presence of Jupiter also puts Bernie in the spot where he attracts too many people. Although the ease of getting mingled up with multivariate classes of people helps him in his political career, it can be too much sometimes.

The presence of Neptune indicates altruistic characteristics of Bernie. He is self-aware about his payback to society, and he consciously undertakes his role to make the world a better place to live in.

In such a strong natal chart, there is only one problem, and that is Bernie’s tendency to attract haters. Because of his strong ideals and beliefs, he cannot go about making everyone happy.

This also happens because of the presence of Mars in opposition to the solid Venus. Although there are a lot many haters that exist, Bernie tends to tread forward without letting their hate affect him.

Bernie Sanders Natal Chart Bernie Sanders horoscope Bernie Sanders zodiac sign Bernie Sanders date & time of birth hillary clinton natal chart

Bernie Sanders’ Zodiac Sign

Bernie Sanders has been cited as the most resilient politician who has exhibited a will of fire. He has never backed down from the projects he undertook, and that shows how well made up his mind is. The zodiac sign which appears in someone’s natal chart is capable enough to tell a lot about a person’s basic characteristics.

Virgo Sun

The sun sign of Bernie Sanders is Virgo. Virgo is also called the second earth sign of the zodiac. Virgos are known for their impeccable talent to stay rational, create hierarchies, and be very simple and sorted in general. They have a knack for perfection, and thus no discrepancies can ever pass the cut in their watch. Their attitude towards perfection can sometimes result in a negative aura, and that should be avoided at all costs.

Virgos tend to acquire leadership positions more because of their commitment to the task. They are always focused on providing good service to their clients even if they do not get appreciated for it. They analyze situations very thoroughly, and this can be seen throughout Bernie’s career.

Virgos tend to remember all the parts of information. They attract people who have the same adept capabilities. When a Virgo is matched with someone who does not care for details, it can tick them off. They expect their peers to follow the same trajectory of perfection, and that can cause some issues in the diversity of the team.

Virgo shows the traits of providing service. They focus on immaculate delivery, and that is exactly how Bernie Sanders functions.

Aries Moon

Contrary to the external portrayals of the sun, Moon focuses more on what goes on inside. Bernie has Aries as his moon sign. It explains his bold attitude clubbed with his carefree outlook towards things. Aries Moon fills him up with tons of hope and thus fuels his willpower to never throw into the towel. The extended willpower may sometimes get overboard as you like to wrap things up quickly. If something takes more time than you anticipated, it might irritate you to the greatest extent.

Because of a very clear conscious and inner functioning, you tend to replicate your feelings with words. You do not possess any filter and think that the truth should be spoken in the barest way possible. However, you do not like to confront the truth yourself and feel uncomfortable.

You tend to stay alone if something falls apart and do not like gaining sympathy. You consider talking about your problems as a weakness, and therefore, you pull yourself together without any external support.

Bernie has a very strong combination of Sun and Moon signs. It highlights the perfect mixture which suits a strong personality like Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders’ Horoscope (Virgo)

You will have a very meaningful life in which you will support your ideals. Your planets will give you an edge to fight with confidence. The decisions which you will take will resonate amongst the masses and thus will give you a prospect to win their hearts.

Your Sun is discordant to Jupiter, and it will give your brim filled hope and confidence. This might also cause you to be a bit lost sometimes, but you have to pick yourself back up to achieve your goals without fail.

You are never too old to take something up if you feel ready from the inside. Your personality is experiencing its heyday, and therefore you should never put yourself back. Trying things out will derive unmatched satisfaction for you. This is the by-product of Mars Harmonizing with Jupiter.

You will get self-intuitions about choosing the right method without putting in a lot of time and effort. The only prerequisite is to develop a sense of self-discipline to think without any distractions. You can take any outdoor activity like sports or trekking to immerse yourself in nature’s power.

You should not put your mind into external conflicts as they might end up being chaos for you. You should just tread on ahead with your peace of mind. If you continue to listen to what your conscience says, you will end up achieving your goal sooner or later.

You have Uranus harmonizing with Pluto, and therefore you need to stay away from unrequited opinions. This can cloud your decision-making skills as you tend to be impressionable sometimes. Try to impart knowledge and to speak your opinions out even if you are not entirely confident about them.

bernie sanders horoscope

Bernie Sanders’ Date and Time of Birth

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941, at 12:27 PM. Although the exact time of his birth is still not verified, many speculations and calculations have given rise to this figure.

Many people have been trying to recapitulate the journey of Sanders to provide him with the exact time of his birth, but there have been many failed attempts. Bernie is not very keenly interested in charting his trajectory based on his stars either, and thus there were no extravagant efforts from his end either.

Many astrologers have claimed that they can provide him with conclusive results about his quest to become the president. They just need exact credentials about his birth. However, no progress has been made in this domain.

Bernie has also been told that his natal chart has the traits of a rising Scorpio. If you have a rising Scorpio, then you have a great command over your emotions. You can control how much you share and how much you conceal. You will also charm the masses with your simple ways to maneuver your emotions.

Hillary Clinton’s Natal Chart

Hillary Clinton is the former first lady of the United States and also a former US senator. She was also the presidential candidate against Donald Trump in 2016 but could not beat him with the consensus. Hillary had a very strong campaign, and her natal chart tells us about all the qualities she stands for.

Hillary Clinton has Scorpio as her sun sign, and this somehow explains her quest to be a better self. She, like all the other Scorpios, has thriven to undertake scrutiny and to execute it in a better fashion. She also has the jive to crack unsolvable puzzles and riddles, which has helped her to find flaws in the opaque system.

Scorpios are calm and composed, but they definitely should not be mistaken for being submissive. They tend to find the perfect opening so that they can strike a blow that does the most damage. Hillary had shown these dynamics by standing tall against all the criticism she received when her presidential campaign was going on.

A Comparison With Bernie’s Natal Chart

You can see many identical features of Bernie’s Natal chart while studying Clinton’s chart. Clinton also has a strong mercurial presence to drive the communications in her favor. She has the emotion to drive a change, and she has used this in her political regime.

Hillary also has a strong presence of Venus, which hints towards her attractiveness. It also portrays her loyalty in relationships. Hillary has always shared a strong equation with her husband, Bill. She was able to replicate the feeling of this same trust when she was campaigning in 2016.

Hillary has Pisces as her moon sign, which resembles Bernie’s Aries very closely. She shows the exact traits of being a resolute and warm person, a mix that is considered to be ideal. However, Pisces tend to forget the things which bother them, and that is the only downside to Hillary’s political pursuit.

To Sum Up

The natal charts talk about an overall analysis of the person because that is the time when a person is entwined with the force of nature. Although there is no set path which a person has to follow, the key points tend to remain the same. The planets play a gigantic role, and it all happens in the background.

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