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Have you come across the term Sesquiquadrate while browsing astrology? What does it mean? Sesquiquadrate is one of the planetary aspects. These aspects are the connections that form between the planets.

It depends on the Zodiac’s degree that these connections occupy. When a planet occupies the same degree as that of the zodiac signs, it forms a connection.

This connection can be challenging or harmonious for you. It depends on the Zodiac sign that is involved. It can also depend on the degrees that separate the planets.

Sesquiquadrate – A Complete Guide

Sesquiquadrate is one of the minor planetary aspects. In this aspect, two planets separate at the angle of 135 degrees. You can calculate it with the orb of 2 – 3 degrees. Sesquiquadrate is also considered as an essential aspect in Cosmo biology.

It can occur among planets that lie at the same or different elements. It is often believed that managing the sesquiquadrates of a similar element is much easier. It is because these signs will have a similar basic approach towards life.  

Are you wondering what Sesquiquadrate indicates?

The energy of Sesquiquadrate creates tension. It challenges you to work as well as learn. The conflict that it radiates is lesser than the square.

Sesquiquadrates indicate a conflict that is easier for you to suppress. However, this makes it harder to learn. It also signifies a stubborn nature.

Are you curious to know more about this fascinating planetary aspect? You have come to the right place! Read on to know everything about Sesquiquadrate.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Moon            

All aspects between the Moon and the Sun are among the most pivotal aspects on your chart. The Sun reflects your vitality and the expression of yourself. It signifies your creative force. If the Sun is well aspected, it describes a person who is caring towards others.

If the Sun is poorly aspected, it represents that you are having much difficulty in accessing your ability to love and care.

The positions of your sign symbolize your purpose in life. It also reflects the manner in which you will find your place in this world.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Moon indicates that you have to be self-reliant. It is more essential for you in comparison to others.  You can only communicate your intentions and goals to others with tremendous effort.

It may be very easy for you to do projects by yourself. It has become a mechanism for you to face up to your inner conflicts. You will also learn to compromise in this way. 

In groups, however, your internal conflicts may at times be projected onto other people.

Your deepest will is in constant conflict. It is trying to appease your feelings and emotional side. Such a discord within yourself may seem worrying. However, it can light up the spark in you that pushes you towards personal achievements.

Other Interpretations

The Sesquiquadrate aspect between the Moon and the Sun also indicates a conflict within you. This conflict is between what you are feeling as right and what you are thinking to do.

Such a struggle can lead to some problems in life. Your relationship with others will be affected the most.

You are also torn between the desire to achieve progress and the tendency to remain as your past self. This conflict between what you could be versus staying content with your present accomplishments is troubling you. 

Your inner self is struggling against authority. You may feel helpless to be caught up in this contradiction.

There is, however, a brighter side to this conflict! You can charge up with the motivation to seek much more from your life.

Your Sun and Moon are in a tense Sesquiquadrate aspect to each other. It signifies that you have a little conflict between your psyche’s masculine and feminine elements. 

You may have been raised at a home where your parents were constantly at odds with each other. It is possible that you were at the center of their dissension.

You can be in a struggle to seek your inner strength. You should not let it override your sensibilities.

You will soon learn to use your understanding of your emotions and awareness. It will guide you towards personal recognition and accomplishment.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars

The Moon reflects your emotional nature. It represents your deepest needs and security. Additionally, it signifies your unconscious reactions that are related to your past.

It also radiates feminine energy. The Moon is often symbolic of a mother. It also represents your inner child.

Moon aspects in your personal chart show how you emotionally respond to your environment. They are reflective, instinctual as well as responsive.

The Moon represents the qualities of security and safety. Meanwhile, Mars represents impulse, action, and defensiveness. When both the aspects combine, we learn about personalities, intimate connections, and karmas.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars indicates that you may be confused about your feelings. It is because your ways of emotionally asserting yourself are not in sync with your emotional set-up.

To get a better understanding of your feelings, you have to know yourself well. You tend to have inhibitions in expressing your feelings. You may be in the fear that they will trigger negative reactions or hurt others.  

You may face challenges with your emotions, especially with your raw emotions. You are also likely to display intuitive actions.

These struggles will, however, be very crucial for you. You will learn to be much more direct and liberate soon.

Other Interpretations

The Moon symbolizes perception, while Mars symbolizes aggression. The Sesquiquadrate aspect between the Moon and Mars also indicates that you are sensitive to aggression. You also tend to be very vigilant.

You are constantly in the mode of threat-detection. It may be because of your childhood which was competitive or aggressive. It could contribute to your subconscious or conscious to always perceive any threats. 

You are instinctively in survival mode. It enables you to react swiftly to situations of danger. Moreover, you tend to be very loyal as well as volatile and combative.

The adrenaline levels in you are generally very high. Your reactions are of the typical flight or fight type. You are jumpy and acutely aware of your surroundings.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars also indicates that your emotional expressions are mostly straightforward and sincere. However, you communicate them in an aggressive way.

You may also use your emotions as a weapon to cope with your situations and struggles. However, this may not bring you any solutions or relief.

Another tendency that it represents is the expression of emotions through actions. It may work in soothing you at times. Although, it may also result in impulsive actions that you could end up regretting. 

You have to make sure to become aware of this mechanism of yours. It can be the key to soothe yourself as well as the key to destroy yourself. It is essential to be self-aware to regulate yourself emotionally. 

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Sesquiquadrate Synastry

Sesquiquadrate is one of the rare aspects. For knowing and understanding Sesquiquadrate synastry it is best to grasp its messages through observation. It helps to comprehend how it will work in real life.

It is especially true if you want to know its synastry. It can get tricky to study it objectively because you may focus only on your chart.

Some astrologers tend to ignore Sesquiquadrate synastry altogether. They perceive it to be irrelevant or minor. However, this would be an enormous mistake.

Odd angels such as Sesquiquadrate are more likely to define relationships and a person the closest. Their rarity may, in fact, easily outline the weaknesses and tensions among people.

Sesquiquadrate synastry represents chaotic and slightly disorganized aspects. It does not necessarily indicate negative things. However, it does imply slight tensions in your relationships.

You can expect odd reactive chemistry between you two. For instance, a Sesquiquadrate between the Mars of two people creates a high sexual attraction. It is almost intoxicating and unexplainable. 

There can also be slight competitiveness between one another. It happens the most when there is a mars and mars Sesquiquadrate synastry.

A Sesquiquadrate aspect can highlight the best as well as the worst of a sign or planet. Sesquiquadrate synastry can introduce intense chemistry or attraction.

Other Interpretations

A Sesquiquadrate angle can also imply the notion of dealing with. For instance, your mars deals with your partner’s mars.

Both of you can feel a difference instantly with each other. It can almost be strange. However, you and your partner will gradually adjust to the sparks. 

Alternatively, you may also struggle to deal with your relationships. You can find it difficult to remain in committed and long-term relationships. It can especially be difficult if you are used to being in short-term relationships.

You can also be caught up between the need to commit and break up. This chaos can get to you. Make sure to take some time off to determine what is best for you.

There can be many separations and unions in your relationships. You may also witness some unexpected disruptions. These will, however, help you to develop autonomy and independence.

You will also learn not to be overly dependent on your relationships. Some kind of detachment may be good for you.

Make sure not to behave selfishly or insensitively. You should not behave coldly or impersonally in your quest for personal freedom.

Sesquiquadrate Transit

Astrological transits come under predictive astrology. A Sesquiquadrate Transit can forecast or predict your future developments and trends. 

Modern astrologers do not claim to predict your future directly. Instead, these astrological patterns can reveal various possibilities regarding your future.

It can predict the trends of the circumstance. Moreover, it can also foretell the nature of your reaction towards the situation. 

Sesquiquadrate is a minor planetary aspect. Its transit effect can occur very quickly. You may feel it more like some unconscious impulses and urges. They are usually not likely to be a conscious reaction to the situations. 

You may not be aware of a Sesquiquadrate transit consciously. Nevertheless, you will surely feel its effects.

During a Sesquiquadrate transit, your discriminating ability will not be very refined. You may end up questioning and over-analyzing things. It can go to the extent of you missing all the essential points.

It can also lead to an excessive need to share with others. This can, however, be annoying for others. It can be because of your lack in conveying information and emotions properly.

Other Interpretations

A Sesquiquadrate transit can lead to problems. However, you are most likely to not be directly involved in these problems.

You have to make sure not to get caught up in the problems of others. You may end up entangling in issues that are much bigger than they appear. This pull will be tempting for you. It is essential not to involve in them as much as possible.

You have to avoid conflicts and confrontations at any cost. They will spiral you into negative thoughts. Moreover, it will also distort your perceptions.

It may also lead you to loneliness. You tend to feel distanced from your relationships. Occasionally, you may get depressed. However, you have to remember that your feelings do not reflect your reality. Make sure to keep your thoughts and feelings in check.

A Sesquiquadrate transit is usually an indicator of major unbalance in your life. It can lead to strong behaviors fueled by subconscious longings. They generally bring out unpleasant results.

It can also lead to a determination to push forward in life. Make sure to have a good understanding of the results of your actions.

Wrap Up

Sesquiquadrate is a minor planetary aspect. It separates two planets at an angle of 135 degrees. This aspect represents a small area of disappointment or frustration in your life.

You may be caught up in many conflicts. However, you can easily suppress them.

When your chart witnesses this aspect, it requires you to take on things calmly. You have to develop persistence and endurance.

Make sure to avoid any overwhelming feelings. With patience, you will soon pass through it.

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