Flirting With Zodiac Signs – The Best Way To Success

Can the stars help you find true love? Allow our astrologer to explain how flirting with zodiac signs such as Leo, Gemini, and so on should be done properly.

Perhaps you’ve noticed somebody you would like to get to know better, but you are not quite sure of how to start flirting.

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Maybe the stars can help you a bit of the way. A Leo demands you compliment them, while a Sagittarius is drawn to honesty. And then we have Pisces who loves romantic gestures. But flirting with zodiac signs should be done in different ways.

Let’s see just exactly how.

Aquarius, 20. January – 18. February

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Show your peculiarities! Aquarius’ are eccentric, so they stop and listen when to meet other people who aren’t afraid to stand out in the crowd. It can be anything from alternative ways of life, politics, or relationships, and Aquarius has an opinion, and are eager to share it with an equal minded. The Aquarius prefers a comradely attitude while flirting, and not someone very emotional or sentimental.

Ice breaker: “I have a time machine at home.”

Avoid: Talking about all the family get-togethers you have to attend this year.

Pisces, 19. February – 20. March

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Romantic gesture and eye contact. Pisces have a tendency to be shy and keeping their guards up when around people they don’t know yet, so avoid being too effervescent. They enjoy talking with people who have a creative mind, and they are super romantic, så you are welcome to show that you believe in cosmic love. Pisces also loves to discuss books, movies, and art.

Ice breaker: “Haven’t we met before?”

Avoid: Talking about money.

Aries, 21. March – 19. April

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Say something provocative! What’s great at getting the attention of an Aries, is when somebody isn’t afraid to challenge them to a discussion or physical competition. There’s a connection between conflict and sex for an Aries, so they are turned on by you showing obviously strong emotions and can get mad. They have to feel that you’re authentic and proud of who you are.

Ice breaker: Give them a nudge.

Avoid: Being uncertain or too modest.

Taurus, 20. April – 20. May

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Little moments of touching their hands or arms. Taurus loves sensual pleasure and beauty, and react to what’s left unsaid, and they notice your clothing and appearance. Taurus might be reluctant and await you taking initiative, but it’s most certainly not due to a lack of confidence. Ask the Taurus what they enjoy doing, and compliment their creativity and good taste. If you’re a good chef, you have to mention this to them!

Ice breaker: “Taste this home-made chocolate cake.”

Avoid: Acting distracted.

Gemini, 21. May – 20. June

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Make a Gemini laugh! Gemini prioritizes a clever intellect mere than appearance or style. They are also always interested in gossip, and in other people being well-informed when it comes to news and pop culture. Being able to laugh at yourself is also important, so you can really be in a funny mood when around a Gemini. You also shouldn’t take it personally if the interest from the Gemini seems a bit distracted.

Ice breaker: “Any podcats you can recommend?”

Avoid: Asking emotional or highly personal questions.

Cancer, 21. June – 22. July

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Look into their eyes, and show empathy. Cancer are great at being in sync with other people and their needs, and they really love it if others are able to return that gesture. A Cancer won’t really feel like they know somebody until they know their family and genus, so ask about these topics. They will often keep a hard facade in a new social situation but are quick to open up if they can feel your vulnerability and that you’re open to receiving love and care.

Ice breaker: “How are you?”

Avoid: Seem like a workaholic.

Leo, 23. July – 22. August

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

You will really be able to catch the interest of a Leo if you’re able to make them feel like a celebrity, or at the very least like the most charismatic person in the room, which they often are! Shower them with compliments and you don’t have to be subtle about your interest, that’s only another compliment to a Leo. They love to be spoiled with luxury, but most of all they love being around people they can be crazy and playful with.

Ice breaker: “I noticed you immediately!”

Avoid: Always critizing and being negative.

Virgo, 23. August – 22. September

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Make the Virgo analyze and criticize different movies or books, and you will have enough material for hours of talk. Show that you’re able to think critically and have a sense of humor. Virgos are great at noticing body language and light touching, but it can be difficult to read their signal. In a social situation, they are like the Mona Lisa. They appreciate you being well-dressed and well-groomed, and not too effervescent.

Ice breaker: “I hate this song.”

Avoid: Being naive or superstitious.

Libra, 23. September – 22. October

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

It can be quite hard to tell if a Libra is flirting, or just being kind. A Libra won’t be really interested until you prove you’re capable of impressing them intellectually. Make the Libra talk about classic literature or art history, and show that you appreciate beauty and romance. Libra loves to be able to show their true persona, så don’t be afraid to be blunt with them.

Ice breaker: “Do I know you from the university?”

Avoid: Only caring about their looks.

Scorpio, 23. October – 21. November

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Catch a glance from a Scorpio from the other side of the room, and gently move closer. A Scorpio is often rather shy, but quick to warm up when you get them talking about passionate subjects. They are psychologists by nature, så have them analyze people – including you. A Scorpio is also a sexual creature, so touching and body language are very important factors when flirting.

Ice breaker: “I wish I knew somebody who’s great at interpreting dreams…”

Avoid: Superficial small-talk.

Sagittarius, 22. November – 21. December

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Ask them about their life philosophy and any experiences with traveling. A Sagittarius loves honesty, so you are very welcome to be quite direct regarding your interest in them. In love, as well in other parts of life, Sagittarius’ will look for adventures and great stories. The ideal flirt for a Sagittarius will often feel intense and meant to be, but also fleeting as if you just had one unforgettable night together.

Ice breaker: “I love your energy.”

Aviod: Have them commit to an appointment.

Capricorn, 22. December – 19. January

Flirting With Zodiac Signs

Always ask a Capricorn about their work and life mission. Show that you’re impressed! You should also discuss personal development, and how you’ve struggled to get where you are today. Capricorns enjoy cynical humor, are also a good challenge and competition. Even if they aren’t truly open about it, they are also drawn to caring energy in another person.

Ice breaker: “I just left the office…”

Avoid: Talking about how much Netflix you’re able to binge during the weekend.

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