Mars Persona Chart Sexuality – UPDATED 2023 – A Complete Guide

Astrology can tell us different things about our personalities. In this case, the Mars Persona Chart Sexuality refers not only to sexuality but also to how your Mars placement gets what it wants and expresses certain emotions, such as anger and dominance.

Mars Persona Chart Sexuality – as the name suggests, is all about how you express your sexuality to another individual. Every placement gives you a different aspect of your personality as if you were reading your birth chart.

Through this article, we’ll go through each aspect that represents the Mars Persona Chart and how it influences certain areas of your life.

Mars Persona Chart – A Complete Guide

We can certainly say that the birth horoscope is an overview of what different areas of your life may look like. It looks individual in every person, as each individual has their own energy and history. We all have a different way of living and a distinct path to consciousness.

When it comes to the birth horoscope, there are twelve different parts that build a person’s whole or general approach to life. However, instead of looking at it as a whole, a persona chart gives you an insight into different areas of your life individually.

Each individual character of a person’s birth chart has a different birth date, which is defined by the moment where the individual is born. This is how the individual differences between each person appear. However, when it comes to the persona chart, things are slightly different, as it takes into account each of the individual personalities that compose your persona.

Before we begin explaining what the Mars Persona Chart is, it is important to define some basic terms.

What is a Persona Chart?

The persona chart considers the first transit of the Sun above another natal planet’s position. It is defined during the person’s first year after they are born, once the Sun completes its “circle” around them and starts awakening one sub-persona at a time.

Hence, we can say that the persona chart compiles all the different personas that compose your inner self. It can help you find out deep details about how each of these placements act, your motivation, strengths, and weaknesses, among many other factors.

Your inner personality has a Sun (which always becomes the protagonist), an ascendant, twelve characters on the sage, a midheaven, and a ruler of the first house.

Again, persona charts are individual to each person’s personality. Furthermore, persona charts also promote other personalities within your inner self to the same rank as Sun, allowing them to obtain individual descriptions and own protagonists.

It’s also worth noting that a persona chart is a full chart – therefore, reading it all at once can be quite overwhelming. It is important for you to take your time with it so you can understand it to its fullest, especially because it involves a full natal reading and contextualization based on a determined placement.

Mars Persona Chart Sexuality

The Mars Persona Chart looks different in women and men, depending on their energy. Generally speaking, it describes the essential things about your sexuality, passion, and those elements that motivate you. It also shows how you express your anger.

In men, it is all about their sexuality and masculinity. On the other hand, Mars describes the kind of people they are attracted to for women.

While the above statements are generalizations, there are diverse ways to interpret the Mars Persona Chart Sexuality depending on the individual. For instance:

  • If an individual’s Mars Persona Chart has water rising, that means the person is only willing to have or enjoy sexual activity with a person they feel a deep connection with. Otherwise, they may not feel interested in sexual matters or feel turned on, which is why these people tend to stay sexually inactive until they start feeling connected to a different individual.
  • Fire rising in the Mars persona Chart means the person is okay with flings and will likely engage in them if they have the opportunity.
  • Things are a bit more complex when it comes to the Earth rising in the Mars Persona Chart. These people are more “particular” about their libido. Therefore, they can either find it challenging to enjoy sex or are sexually inactive without a specific reason. Sometimes, they may be perceived as “dry” or “cold.” It may also indicate that the person may like obtaining something out of sexual encounters.
  • Last but not least, an Air rising in the Mars persona Char shows that the person might be “sweet-talked” into having sexual activity with another individual. It may also indicate that they want to have sex with that specific person who looks “interesting” and “detached” from the rest.
Mars Persona Chart Sexuality
Mars Persona Chart Calculator

Mars Persona Chart Calculator

There are tons of aspects to take into account when it comes to the Mars Persona Chart Sexuality. Remember that it could have a different meaning depending on the person. However, you can get an idea of what it looks like for you if you use a calculator.

As with your natal chart, a Mars Persona Chart Calculator will tell you your placements based on your birth date and time.

Mars Persona Chart Ascendant

The Mars Persona Chart Ascendant is the protagonist of the whole chart. It refers to how you express your anger. It can also tell you how you approach confrontation or conflict and how you express your sexuality once you are face to face with another individual.

Generally speaking, the Ascendant Persona tells you how you project to others and the first impression you cause on them. It may also refer to your immediate reactions, for instance. It can also give some clues about the person’s physical appearance.

We explore how you can interpret the Mars Persona Chart Ascendant in the next section.

Mars Persona Chart Interpretation

You can find different placements within your Mars Persona Chart as if you were reading your birth chart. It gives you a different perspective of certain aspects, as described below.


Ascendant – The ascendant of your Mars Persona Chart is the protagonist of the whole horoscope. It is all about your anger, intensity, and how you express your sexuality to another individual, which is where Mars takes the highlight.

Second house – This placement refers to your values and what material things you would like to achieve throughout your life.

Third house – It’s all about how you face conflict and what cases such conflicts. It is also associated with those elements that evoke feelings of passion in you.

Fourth House – The fourth house refers to your inner conflict. It can also be interpreted as the conflicts you have with people around you.

Fifth house – This house shows how you seduce people into sexual activity with you. Additionally, it can also tell you the risky behaviors that you consider fun.

Sixth house – Here, you will find out everything about your work ethic and your energy when it comes to your responsibilities. Plus, it may also give a clear insight into your fitness approach.

Seventh house – You can find the typical problems you have during relationships on this chart. It also tells you how you deal with such issues.

Eighth house – Here’s the dignity point of the chart, and perhaps where the influence of Mars is most notable.

Ninth house – This house is all about the ideologies that matter to you and fight for. It also takes into account how you feel regarding new things (whether you welcome them or become hostile toward them). Plus, it also defines the intensity of your devotion and faith.

Tenth House – The tenth house refers to how you work toward your success and how intense are the aspirations you have in life.

Eleventh house – Here, you can find how you connect with others and the things you like about other individuals.

Twelfth house – Last but not least, the twelfth house tells you the fears that you need to work on and how they control you. It also gives you an idea of how you can “free” yourself from them – or at least control them, so they don’t overcome you. You may also find out a bit about your psychic activity.

Mars Persona Chart Ascendant
Mars Persona Chart Interpretation


Now that we explained what each of the houses and the ascendant tell you, it is time to explore how the aspects (planets) influence the Mars Persona Chart Sexuality.

Mars – It expresses how your mars obtain what it wants. It also tells you how you express your sexuality, anger, and dominance.

Mercury – Mercury defines your communication style when it comes to the things you want. Plus, it also shows you how you argue whenever you face conflict.

Sun – The Sun is the protagonist of the Mars Persona Chart. It is the core of the chart, as in other types of readings.

Moon – The Moon, unlike the Sun, refers to that specific element you need to express yourself without filters.

Venus – Venus is always in detriment in this chart. Hence, it refers to what Mars is looking for whenever it needs to calm itself and achieve balance.

Jupiter – This planet defines the philosophies or beliefs your Mars will fight for and the energy you have regarding travel.

Saturn – Saturn refers to the things you need to overcome to reach maturity.

Uranus – This planet shows the situations where your mars start to outcry and rebel for change.

Neptune – It’s all about your reactions to the unknown or foreign things.

Ceres – This aspect refers to the things you need so you can feel cherished, sexually speaking.

Vesta – It shows you the things Mars is willing to commit to.

Juno – It defines your approach to responsibilities and contracts.

Pallas – This aspect is all about your battle strategy.

Chiron – It defines what could potentially harm or damage your sexuality or sense of power and what you need to do in order to heal them.

Pluto – Pluto is a dual aspect that shows the “darker” side of the sexuality of mars, but also how it craves power.

The Bottom Line

There are diverse persona charts, one for each planet. It’s also possible to find the Juno, DSC, Midheaven, and NN persona charts, which require individual readings.

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