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A lot of people feel that astrology is voodoo!  That whatever the cosmic energies and power want to convey to us is nothing but superstition. When actually, astrology is yet another form of science. Though believing it might be a bit hard for a lot of people. But one can approach it by the same pragmatism and logic as any other thing.

Understanding planetary connections require having certain knowledge about the planets involved.

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Mars Conjunct Pluto Synastry

People having the Mars conjunct Pluto aspect are determined and hell-bent on achieving the goals they have set. They behold the desire to achieve greater things and strive hard towards them. These people are marked by a lot of superior traits like bravery, daring, passion, and strength.

These people are masters of manipulation and express strong dominating traits. This can reflect their dark side as well since they can become quite rude and cruel, which can mess their relationships.

Mars conjunct Pluto makes these individuals quite chivalrous along with their enthusiasm to reach for their goals. One thing that can help these people is to keep a check on their anger in order to avoid sliding into the dark side. With such quality traits, there exists a stronger possibility of being more negative than positive. So, work in a way to better yourself using these traits to your advantage.


Planet Mars is also known as the ‘bloody planet.’ It got its name from the Roman god of war, famously known as the mighty Greek Ares.

The planet Mars is known as a deity of war. It depicts force and aggression in its raw form. The sign shows a spirit of combat, a drive, and urges to achieve something they desire. The people ruled by Mars show impulsiveness in their behavior. They will be more straightforward while reacting to any situation.

The energy that manifests in Mars is astonishing. It can work both in a positive and negative manner for the planet. This will highly depend on the connections it creates with other planets. As a sign of positivity, it can be said that the planet’s energy can be very creative and effective on multiple occasions.


Pluto gets its name from the deity of the underworld, Roman Pluto or Greek Hades. This planet is a clear depiction of the unavoidable ends in like, i.e., death.

Pluto is the planet that is filled with mystery when it comes to power and transformation. The primary aspect represented by this planet is death and rebirth. In other words, Pluto is a higher level of the planet Mars, putting it in the scary list of ancient Romans and greeks.

The planet Pluto is highly powerful but subdued. It will not have any impact on the astrological charts unless it is in synastry with some other planet. People ruled by Pluto show a particular interest in knowing deeper meanings associated with things. They dwell on learning about those facts, which others might not find interesting.

Conjunct Aspect

In astrology, every planetary position conveys some of the other messages. Mars conjunct Pluto synastry is one such powerful astrological aspect. Before understanding this aspect, one should know what the conjunct aspect in astrology means.

The conjunction aspect in astrology is quite complicated to assess as the planets involved play a crucial role. The meaning of this aspect can be both challenging as well as easy. When two planets are in conjunction, the energies that they carry grow manifolds, thus making conjunction one of the most powerful and strongest aspects of astrology.

Mars Square Pluto Synastry

Before understanding the Mars square Pluto synastry, it’s important to get familiarised with the square aspect in astrology. 

Square aspect

The square aspect is not one that is seen so easily on the astrological charts. This effect created by this aspect is pretty limiting. It restricts the free flow of energy between the planets. Primarily, the square aspect has a closer association with negative energy, tension, conflicts, and troubles.

When two planets form a square connect, they are bound to get in a tensed and conflicting state. The balance and synchronization of energies between the two planets will always be in an off state. Being a power aspect in itself, a square connection leads to the manifestation of negativity, a build-up of tension and pressure resulting in arguments.

Two people with this connection are unable to reach an impasse. They have difficulty coming to a compromising state.

Square aspect – Mars and Pluto

Coming to the Mars square Pluto synastry, one can easily classify it as a fatal relationship, where Pluto will be put to blame for the failure.

Pluto is a ruler of the scorpion, a category of people who hold a deep connection with their emotions and are quite possessive and obsessive. While Mars is the ruler of a category of people who are not just powerful but quite aggressive. The opposite nature of the traits results in a magnetic force between the two.

The attraction is most likely a result of the two signs being immensely passionate, having an insatiable lust. This strikes chemistry that is quite steamy and intense, creating an attractive force that is raw, animalistic, and overpowering. It is normal to assume that such individuals will find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. However, the good things end here.

The union between these two planets is met with a lot of erotic energy as well as intense drama. Though there will be a lot of overwhelming emotions and passion involved, the connection will be marked with a power struggle. There will be a lot of aggression and negative energy involved.

The two planets define pride, power, and a strong sense of independence. Mars won’t let Pluto restrain them by their controlling nature. Neither will Pluto let Mars subdue them with their compulsive and aggressive nature.

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Mars Opposite Pluto Synastry

To understand this better, let’s get familiarised with the opposite aspect of astrology. 

Opposite aspect

The opposite aspect of astrology is one of the most troublesome aspects. As the name suggests, two planets in an opposite connection will have opposing energies. The opposition is something that is bound to create challenges in a relationship. They will be thrown into situations that are complicated and full of hurdles.

Though the troubles are hard to deal with, the relationship will become quite dull and less dynamic if it is straight.

Opposite aspect – Mars and Pluto

The Mars opposite Pluto synastry definitely shows a power struggle between the two individuals. Since both Mars and Pluto are an embodiment of strength and they, want to get into a position that is more powerful than the other.

Mars is the ruler of people who are quite straightforward and impulsive in their approach. Their energy is pretty raw, and they can be quite fierce and aggressive in their approach. Pluto, on the other hand, is a ruler of people who are master manipulators. This leaves them wanting to have a strong grip over every situation.

This connection indeed is marked with the most negative of emotions like anger, resistance, and resentment. It is common to see the two partners in a never-ending battle to again control and attain the position of power. The physical attraction might be persistent, but they can get on each other’s nerves as well.

This relation requires the intervention of a third party to soften the effect. The partners might be left with no choice but to succumb to the powerful opposition that they experience. However, patience is the key to some stability, which might also be difficult to obtain for both planets.

What can help thrive the relation is a deeper understanding of the non-sensical powerplay. The partners must realize that there isn’t a need to be controlling towards each other, as they are on the same team. They both have to act patiently and subdue their desire to overpower and control each other.

Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry

After all the powerful aspects of astrology, the sextile is one that is light and fun. For a deeper understanding of this connection between planets, let us understand what Sextile actually is.

Sextile aspect

The sextile aspect in astrology is associates with flirty and friendly energy between the signs. The signs ruled by Mars and Pluto are seen to be quite infamous for good when it comes to sexual energy.

The two signs might see struggle with conjunction, square, and opposition synastry, but they happen to flow with ease with trines and sextiles. The two signs show a positive flow of energy and some rich and profound chemistry.

Sextile Aspect – Mars and Pluto

Pluto is a longing planet in nature. People ruled by Pluto will manifest the more assertive and ambitious desires in Mars, making their expression of sex cross the boundaries of the bedroom. The sextile synastry between these two planets is nothing but hot and steamy.

Both the signs have within them raw sexuality that dwells into a passionate and intense love affair. This couple defines what raw sexual energy is! Their sex is not just about physical conjugation, it is high on intensity and transformation, bringing them unbelievably close.

The two signs might be opposite in a lot many aspects, but this opposite nature drives a magnetism between these two signs. This magnetism is much stronger in the sexual aspect, as the passion in the two planets drives them towards each other. However, there is no avoiding the power struggles even in the most intimate moments of these planets.

The aggressive and overpowering nature of Mars and the manipulative and control-freak nature of Pluto can result in one planet becoming demanding on the other. As a result, there can be multiple conflicting situations for gaining a more powerful position.

Focusing on the sexual aspect more, the two planets do not have a lot to worry about. Their sexual connection is going to be very deep and passionate. The sexual chemistry shared by these two is not just strong but highly fascinating as well. This highlights one of the strengths of these signs. If they work together and not compete with each other, they can feel stronger.

Mars Quincunx Pluto

Quincunx or inconjunct is yet another interesting aspect of astrology. It has a fascinating effect on the planets connected by this synastry. Let us understand it more to know how it functions.

Quincunx Aspect

The quincunx aspect also goes by the name of inconjunct in astrology. The planets that are in quincunx have trouble understanding each other. A quincunx is also associated with an episode of low self-esteem and weakness. It focuses on those areas that can cause an inferiority complex to build up.

Quincunx Aspect – Mars and Pluto

When it comes to Mars quincunx Pluto, Mars being a more aggressive and assertive sign, holds the ability to knock off the Pluto partner. This will happen in situations where the partner is striving to get more powerful and become stronger. It won’t be a situation of intense drama, but the person will be left off guard.

As a result, there is a build-up of awful memories and experiences that can have an impact over a lifetime. In the case of Pluto, their Plutonian memories will register it as a Mars afflicted trauma and can go to the extent of quoting the same in their autobiography!

This traumatizing episode causes the person to become a bit aloof and dissociated. They will get tipped off in a surrounding of Mars-like people. However, this situation seems to be unavoidable to some extent. In such an inconjunct, the person’s deepest levels of fear get exposed. This creates attractive energy that drives more Mars-like people towards them.

Pluto might feel a bit stressed in such a situation and show a desire to get away from the malfunction created by Mars. This, of course, will be a bit difficult and troublesome. The only solution to this problem lies in addressing the underlying trauma that is causing the effect.

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