Karma in Natal Chart – A Guide To Past Life Indicators In Natal Chart

Karma plays a vital role in your natal chart as it tells you about your past life. It indicates whether your actions in your past life will affect your current reality or not.  It also throws light upon the learnings from your past life so that you can adapt to the learnings and lead a better life.

It often happens that you tend to ignore the signs that the universe sends your way. You overlook the position of the houses and hence miss out on the information that they can convey. Even if you are not a firm believer in this science, you should definitely study more about it.

This process will give you clarity so that you can focus on the bigger picture in life that is clouded by these petty issues.

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Karma In Natal Chart

Here are the implications of Karma in your horoscope; we suggest you read this article till the end so that you can discover some new intricacies about your past life.

Past Life Indicators In Natal Chart

The discussion of knowing about your past life can put you in a situation of mental turmoil. In order to evade that, you can fall back on a primary method of ascertaining your Karma and secrets about your past life. This method involves assessing the ascendants or the rising planet in your horoscope. The basic knowledge about these ascendants will give you some great insights.

  • Aries

Having Aries in the first house signifies that you were a Pisces in the past. You were a selfless person in the past, and your mind was spiritually awakened. The main focus of your life was to help others in any means possible. However, in this life, Aries will make you focus on yourself more. You will be high-spirited and will be willing to focus on your own ambitions. It would help if you did not turn too selfish, and you will be good to go.

  • Taurus

If you have Taurus as your ascendant, then it means that your past life was majorly related to Aries. You have endured a lot in your past, and that has allotted you a never to die attitude. Your past life was also full of unprecedented aggression, which hints towards massive struggles. Taurus will push you towards a luxury lifestyle which will basically mean buying everything that money can get. This will be an easier time than your past.

  • Gemini

A Gemini ascendant hints towards a past that was associated with Taurus. You were interested in completing your sensual desires in the past. However, that phase has ended. Now, you tend to focus on things that give you an adrenaline rush. You are always interested in learning about new things that keep you on your toes. You should focus on your communication skills and sharpen them.

  • Cancer

Cancer ascendants mean that you had an association with Gemini in your significant past. You had a very intellectual frame of mind that pushed you to experiment and try out new things. Now, you have a more mature vision of life. You will think to settle down and have a steady source of livelihood. You will also have better control over your emotions.

  • Leo

If you have Leo in your first house, it signifies that you close associations with Cancer in your past. You had a very anxious attachment style, and you submitted to inferiority complexes. However, with Leo as an ascendant, you will gain ounces of confidence. Your personality will be vibrant and charming so that you can share a romantic relationship with someone.

  • Virgo

A Virgo ascendant signifies a tightly knit past as a Leo. You were self-consumed in the past life and were entirely focused on fulfilling your own particular needs. With Virgo in action, you live a life that is also dedicated to others. The only important thing to note is that you should not lose your own goals while being selfless.

  • Libra

If you have Libra in the first house, it shows that you had associations with Virgo in the past. You lived a life that was dedicated to others, and you rarely focused on self endeavors. With Libra in force, you will work towards striking a balance between helping others and helping yourself. Your takeaway should be to not focus on pleasing others.

  • Scorpio

Following the table, Scorpio as an ascendant means having a Libra-based past. You lived a life in which you were constantly trying to find a middle ground. As a Scorpio, you will be enlightened to dive deeper into the meaning of life.

You will long for intellectual encounters so that you can redeem your true self. These encounters are potent enough to ignite some small emotional quarrels.

  • Sagittarius

A person who has Sagittarius right now will be highly motivated to share the teachings that they acquired in their Scorpio-based past. You want to run unrestricted in azure fields so that you can explore newer and better avenues in life.

  • Capricorn

Capricorns have had a direct association with Sagittarius in their past. Unlike the free-spirited attitude of a Sagittarius, you will be focused on securing your future. You will be interested in starting a family while attaining the goals that you have set for yourself.

  • Aquarius

An Aquarius ascendant means a past that was inspired by the Capricorn style. You have had a restrictive past because you were always a man with a plan. Now, you want to redeem your uniqueness so that you can follow the path that you desire. It would be best if you worked hard to achieve your ambitions.

  • Pisces

If you have Pisces in your first house, you had an association with Aquarius in your past. You were an intelligent individual who has contributed to the betterment of humanity. However, with Pisces in domination, you will now focus on forming more intimate relationships. You will experience a spiritual awakening that will lead to a better life.

Saturn and Past Life Karma

Planet Saturn is regarded to be the planet of Karma. It represents negative patterns from our past life. This planet will put you in a position wherein you will have to pay for and fix your bad attitude towards other people.

It also shows fear or issues that you faced in your past life. The planet’s placement or which house he rules presents the problems in life.

People who are born with Saturn retrograde in the natal chart find the problem in resolving unfinished business. Even their completed work lacks perfection and undergoes constant revision. These individuals are shy, introverted, and get easily influenced.

If Saturn retrograde occurs in your birth chart, then in the future, you will always have a problematic relationship with authority figures.

When it comes to Karmic insight, since Saturn represents weaknesses and fears from your past life, you will have to build the discipline to master or overcome them. Saturn is regarded to be a manifestation of disappointment and anxiety in life.

But you will have to persevere and pull through its adverse effects, which in a way do give you the motivation to work harder. It is considered to be Saturn’s positive impact on your life.

Saturn is a Karmic teacher who maintains the cycle of Karma and punishes you for the sins and negative impacts you had on people in your past life. 

This wise teacher gives you a scope to grow spiritually and become wise in your present life. It can even make a distinctive bridge for you to traverse the distance between spiritual maturity and success in the real sphere. However, you must have the mind and courage to do so.

Set your strategies and keep up your optimism. Saturn is considered a negative influence, but it is not hateful. It will love you, provided you put in the effort and work hard.

Ketu And Past Life Karma
Past Life Birth Chart Calculator

Ketu and Past Life Karma

Ketu is the lunar node axis’s other half. Ketu represents our power that has developed over our past lives. The relationship between Rahu and Ketu reveals the karmic relationship that exists between two people.

Rahu and Ketu have an opposite influence over each other. In most cases, if Rahu creates problems for you, Ketu will use its liberating power to calm that down. Ketu keeps us rooted to the earthly plane, while Rahu cuts off our connection with pure consciousness.

You gain a lot of insight into your past life through Ketu. You can do so by analyzing Ketu’s position in the natal astrology chart. Ketu’s activation brings unresolved problems from your past.

For example, when placed in the 3rd house, Ketu will keep you busy with errands and relative affairs.  In the 9th house, Ketu’s placement means that you will inherit past life philosophy.

Ketu reveals past life characteristics that you are inclined to, even in the present life. These traits dominate in the early years of life.

For example, if you are a Sagittarius, Ketu’s presence means that you value your freedom and opinions. In Virgos, Ketu makes you a perfectionist. Virgos tend to do everything with precision, order, and exactness.

 Ketu reveals divine wisdom from a past life. Abilities highlighted by Ketu include psychic ability, insight, and non-attachment, etc. It influences the material and physical reality sphere of human existence.

Astrologers examine Ketu to understand your source of energy after completing the life lessons in the previous life. A solid and well-placed Ketu means that you excelled in your past life.

However, if your Ketu debilitates, it would mean that you are to carry the burden of your past life in the present.

Past Life Birth Chart Calculator

Past life is a common topic of interest among most individuals. To be able to know the answers about your past life is close to a miracle.  The questions like, ‘who were you in your past life? And what was your previous birth like?’ can be answered through a past life birth chart calculator.

These birth calculators allow you to learn about past birth occurrences and the effects surrounding them. This way, you improvise to prevent them from affecting your present life.

The past birth chart calculator gives you a comprehensive analysis of your past life habits that you are inclined towards even now. The nodes of the Moon help you to find the nuances of your past lives, present, and future.

The Moon’s south nodes are related to the present life you are born in. However, the elements of your past lives are also expressed through south nodes.

The presence of south nodes in your birth chart signifies happiness for the individual. Also, if they are present, you will view achievements with boredom since you have already achieved a lot in your past life.

On the other hand, north nodes work oppositely than south nodes. Their position symbolizes the ultimate path of your life. However, before you achieve any goal, you will have to tackle the emotional baggage that you carry from your past life.

There will be challenging and problematic times ahead, but you will have to struggle to strive forward.

The Past life calculator uses the position of the Moon’s north and sound nodes in your natal charts to predict your past life Karma.

It can be used to find out about current birth problems and future possibilities. These calculators also use other existing elements of your natal chart to build upon the analysis about your past life birth.

What is necessary is that these elements and Moon nodes are comprehended correctly.

Karma In Natal Chart, Past Life Indicators In Natal Chart, Saturn And Past Life Karma

End Notes

What goes around always comes around back. The cycle of Karma influences every individual in this world. A part of us is what we were before. It will also include our past lives.

If you gain insight into your past life, you can make changes and improve your present life. It is made possible by natal charts and past life analysis.

Now you must go ahead and find out about your unknown past. Get your unanswered questions answered through the natal chart!

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