Why Are Sagittarius So Blunt? A Complete 2023 Guide

Sagittarius is one of the most energetic and curious zodiac signs. They are said to be philosophical and have an open mind. This lets them absorb new things and change without being judgmental. Sagittarians are also enthusiastic, extroverted, and optimistic. They are great travelers and like to see new things and not stick in one place. But why are Sagittarius so blunt?

The reason why Sagittarius is so blunt is that they are more motivated to act rather than say. If they have a thought in their mind, they will go to the ends to ensure that their goals are achieved. Since they are a fire element, they want to continuously experience new things present in the world. Jupiter being their ruling planet makes them an enthusiastic personality.

You will never be able to tie down a Sagittarian in one place. They value their freedom and like exploring new things. Whether it is new culture or philosophies, you will see a Sagittarian always eager to grasp anything that life has to offer. Sagittarians are also brutally honest, and sometimes this honesty can be termed as bluntness.

Since they are honest, Sagittarians tend to get very tactless and impatient with their opinions and actions. They do not hide anything that is on their mind, and they will convey it to people even if it is hurtful. It is essential that sometimes Sagittarians tone down the way they express themselves to other people.

Not everyone can tolerate or accept the bluntness that people with this sign display. This is also the reason they tend to have damaging relationships with many people. Since they tend to not lie over things, sometimes Sagittarians can say things that are hurtful to the other person. However, they value their honesty more than being hurtful to other people.

People are drawn towards this sign because of their amazing, humorous nature, but the bluntness can drive people away. However, if you are a Sagittarian or you have a loved one who is a Sagittarian, you can expect complete honesty from them at all times. They will never be afraid to tell you where they think you are going wrong.

Why Are Sagittarius So Blunt?

If you know a Sagittarian, then you will know how supportive and laid back they are. They try out new things, are always supportive of their loved ones, and try to avoid unnecessary drama. There are many amazing traits of this sign, the most important one being that they are very honest.

Sagittarians hate being lied to and do not believe in lying either. Whether it is your family, friends, or better half, you can be very sure that what is inside is exactly on the outside when it comes to Sagittarians. They do not pretend to be someone they are not, and you will not find any surprises in their personality after spending time with them.

They provide a high value to sincerity and honesty for each of their relationships. This makes them quite transparent with their thoughts and views. It is another reason why Sagittarians are quite compatible with most zodiac signs. They are open about their feelings, and there is no hide-and-seek between them and their partners.

The only issue with being this honest is that they are said to be blunt. Not everyone can handle the truth and might face clashes with this sign. Sagittarians are known to have lifelong relationships with signs that can receive the harsh truth with open arms. Signs who like sugarcoated words will never be able to form bonds with Sagittarians.

They are not tactful and do not know how to say something without being completely honest. Sagittarians are direct in their approach and say exactly what is playing in their mind. The straight-forward personality of the sign can hurt many people who cannot take criticism well. That is why people belonging to this sign are called blunt and hurtful.

A Sagittarian’s intention is never to hurt their close ones but to ensure that they are on the right path. If you have a Sagittarian best friend or lover, be ready to get some positive criticisms in a straight-forward manner. They will tell you things that you might not want to hear about yourself but know that they want nothing but the best for you.

Sagittarius Blunt

One very essential trait in Sagittarians is that they are an open book. Moreover, they are also very intuitive and can read people easily. They can detect people who are fake and lie to them. You will never be able to hide your true trait from a Sagittarian, and they will recognize your true character within a few minutes.

Sagittarians have a sixth sense for knowing when someone is lying to them. Even if the person is a seasoned liar, they will not do the same with this sign. They will get caught and will be informed of their deception by the Sagittarian. This is why Sagittarians find it hard to find lifelong friends and companionships.

They do not have time for people who are not true to themselves and other people. If they have lifelong relationships, you can be sure that those people share the same values as the Sagittarian in question. The only way to have good bonds with a Sagittarian is to have an honest and true personality.

Another trait of Sagittarians is that they are quite clever. It is quite hard to fool them, and they will immediately catch you. Most people think that since Sagittarians like staying away from negativity and useless drama, they do not notice anything. However, this sign is very intuitive, and they notice everything occurring around them.

They are very protective of their close ones and will let you know that they know you are trying to fool them. You call them blunt, but they are only looking out for themselves and their loved ones.  They are quite ruthless in sharing their opinions and may hurt people in the process. However, you can be sure that nothing they have said to you is a lie.

That is why people who have close bonds with Sagittarians often cherish this relationship. They know that they will get complete honesty from them, and it might even help them in their life. The bluntness of Sagittarians can have a better impact on people who are close to them.

Why Are Sagittarius So Blunt

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