Why Are Leos So Lonely? A 2023 Guide To Leos

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As they say, your biggest strength can be your biggest weakness. The ace that you’re hiding behind your sleeve can be the reason for your downfall. Likewise, Leos are known to be friendly and outgoing when they face people. In contrast, they may be the very same extroverts with an introvert residing deep within their soul. Though they may seem to be enjoying life to the fullest, they could very well be lonely within. It can cause you to wonder, why are Leos so lonely?

Leos are lonely because of the weak personal or emotional attachments they have with people around them. They often tend to hide their true feelings from the mass for their love of fame and affection. They get so used to it that, in the long run, they become very lonely people.

So many Leos are experts at leading people and carrying out conversations in the park or a wedding. However, they may suck at personal conversations while at home or inside a car with a friend.

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Why Are Leos So Lonely?

Leos like to be alone

When with the crowd, Leos love to show their charming personalities and engage with everyone around them actively. Meanwhile, they also receive praises and acknowledgments. No doubt that it is something they love and enjoy doing. But how many among the crowd truly knows and understands them? Or to ask the other way around, how many in the group does the Leos honestly know? 

Also, not all of the people they interact with will agree or play along with them. There can be clashes of ego and hurtful exchange of words too. With the spirit of a king ruled by the sun, their pride will not allow them to bow to anyone. They will not conform to the wishes of any individuals if it conflicts with their happiness. As a result, they choose to remain alone and emotionally distant from most people.

They get easily depressed

As territorial as they come, Leos are very defensive and aggressive when it comes to their personal space. For the people they love, they will do all they can to support and uphold them. In return, they also expect the same treatment from their loved ones. But when things go south, and the others do not meet their expectations, Leos go into depression.

Deep inside, Leos are also soft and vulnerable. Often their loved ones may fail to attend to their needs and make them feel invisible. Hence, as a result of the letdowns, the distance away from those unaccommodating people. After all, who wouldn’t want to?

They are insecure and often misunderstood

Generally, the eyes tend to betray the heart when it comes to Leos. It is true that Leos like to lead and are confident in the things they do. However, their confidence and aggressive nature are also one way of coping with their insecurities. They do not want people to see their weak side in fear of losing face and dignity. They also have much insecurity, but they seldom let it show.

With that in mind, people often misunderstand them and shove their responsibilities and criticism right at them. That makes it very hard for Leos to bear as they feel betrayed, even after all the good they did. As a result, they may have silent emotional breakdowns. Soon, they start to draw a line from the masses and become more defensive than ever.

Easily bored

Leos love to live productive and exciting lives. They love to help people as much as they can and involve themselves in many social activities. Doing constructive activities keeps them occupied, happy, and makes them feel alive. But when they get stuck with the wrong job or work, they become uninspired and bored. Sooner or later, it becomes a habit and takes control of their life.

Also, they love to be competitive with their friends or colleagues. But not everybody wants to compete; hence the others leave them be. They soon become bored this way too. If their works are not dynamic, fruitful, or challenging, they lose interest and liveliness. Out of constant daily boredom, they might choose to stay lonely and lead dull lives.


To be a good leader, you have to make sacrifices and be strict with your subordinates and fellow workers. Since Leos loves to lead the crowd and assert dominance, they often have to do some things out of compulsion. With the intensity of the tasks, they have to deal accordingly with the members. As a result, their assertiveness and constructive criticisms may intimidate others. Such actions may soon cause their subordinates or colleagues to distance themselves out of fear of irritation.

It becomes apparent that they have to lead lonely lives for their choice: to be outstanding leaders. Most people may exclude Leos from their social circle too. However, it stands to reason that loyal stand-up subordinates or colleagues will unquestionably learn to respect them in good time.

why are leos so attractive why are leos so lonely

What Can Leos Do to Be Less Lonely?

There are a lot of ways and options they can choose to escape loneliness:

  1. They can start or continue to focus on the positive things in life. Being positive completely changes the way you look at life and helps you discover new potentials.
  2. They can expose themselves to new experiences and learn about other cultures, games, etc. They can also challenge themselves to learn new skills and craftsmanship along the way.
  3. They should try to be a little friendlier, share more jokes, widen the smile a little more, etc. Personal conversation with others once in a while will prove helpful in building relationships.
  4. Leos also should try to maintain a balance between their work and life. Treating people at work and home alike can be fatal to their relationships.
  5. They should be open to criticisms and accept their faults when they make one. They need to be aware of those who matter, instead of pushing everyone away just because someone hurt them.


Most of the time, Leos may hide their true feelings. Hence, to understand them, you need to engage in personal conversations with them. They may hesitate initially, but later it will be worthwhile.

No mirror can make you see your own emotions. Hence, Leos may often feel lonely without even noticing it. However, understand that sometimes loneliness is a choice, and some even have productive outcomes. In the end, loneliness is also an essential spice of life.

I hoped this helped you answer, why are Leos so lonely!

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