Why Are Leos Attracted To Aquarius? – 10 Obvious Reasons

Leos are witty and charming. They command others’ attention and are well-liked by everyone. Everyone else’s eyes are on Leos, and they have no shortage of admirers. So, why are Leos attracted to Aquarians?

Aquarians are eccentric but intriguing individuals who are intelligent and compassionate. They are visionaries who want to change the world. Leos are attracted to their intelligence, rationality, and spontaneity.

They are non-conformists who think outside the box and bring excitement and innovation to the job. They are accommodating and tolerant of others’ views and opinions. All these traits make Leos fall head over heels for them.

Why Are Leos Attracted To Aquarius

Progressive, idealistic, and visionary

Aquarians are great visionaries with a strong sense of justice, and they want to change the world. Most of them are compassionate and are known for their humanitarian efforts to ease the world’s suffering. Be it climate change, hunger issues, or animal rights, the highly idealistic Aquarians will fight for their ideal world.

They are ambitious and work hard to secure both their personal goals and the future of society. As Leos themselves are responsible and ambitious, they are no doubt attracted to the visionary Aquarians.

Intelligent and innovative

Aquarians are highly intelligent people who can analyze problems and identify potential solutions. If you bring an issue or question to them, they will carefully research the case, weigh the pros and cons, and give you an unbiased answer.

They are perceptive and will not brush off your views. Highly tolerant of others’ opinions, Aquarians are open to new ideas and hence are innovative. Aquarians have a unique perspective, be it business, art, and creativity, painting, writing, or humanitarian efforts. They are free-spirited, and no tradition can hold them back. Hence, they think outside the box and bring unique and revolutionary solutions to the table.


Aquarians’ eccentricity always makes them stand out from the crowd. They are strange people but so were most of the intelligent and famous scientists and innovators. They are extraordinary people capable of remarkable things. As an air sign, Aquarians need enough space and freedom to be who they are.

Easygoing and friendly

They can focus on the good rather than the bad, taking troubles and inconveniences with a light heart. Because of this, they can enjoy life and make the best out of all situations. They are accepting of others and do not hold grudges.  They have lots of friends and do not refuse to help others in need.

If you are a Leo crushing on an Aquarian, read on to get some tips on attracting his/her attention.

Communicate well

Remember that Aquarians are intellectual beings who rely more on logic than intuition and emotions. More than anything, they need intelligent conversations that are stimulating and engaging. Unless you communicate clearly, they will not feel any connection with you.

Be classy and knowledgeable

An Aquarian will be more attracted to your brain than your looks. They will admire people who are knowledgeable and ethically driven.

Accept him

Aquarians, do not like it when their partners nag or pressure them too much. They are relaxed and friendly people who want to connect with others, share ideas, and enjoy straightforward company. If you are too critical or complain a lot, it will put him off.

Do not be too clingy or emotional

Aquarians are logical creatures who are detached from their own emotions. They make rational decisions and have no idea how to handle deep emotions and dramas. Your extreme emotions will only scare an Aquarian away. Therefore, please take out your feelings and present your issues to them in a rational way. They will respond positively. Do not be too clingy because Aquarians highly value their freedom, and they will feel suffocated.

Keep him guessing

Show Aquarians that you are full of ideas and adventure. Do not reveal all about yourself. They thrive on mental stimulation, so the process of dissecting you will be exciting.

Be witty and exciting

Aquarians are crazy for wits and charm rather than beauty and material things. You will turn them off by small talks, gossip, and drama. So, talk about an exciting topic or make quirky plans, adventurous trips, etc. Do not criticize others in front of them. Instead, be courteous and respectful.

An Aquarius in Love

Aquarians are creative, innovative in love too. They will not show off his love in a grand manner, but he will do things in a unique way that makes their partners feel truly special. Dating Aquarians will be spontaneous and exciting. Their partners will never know what their Aquarian lover will do next.

They will use their intelligence and rationality to talk through any issues that might arise. They will communicate effectively with their partners and sort out problems quickly. They are loyal friends and will stick by their partners through all odds. Aquarians are more logical than emotional. Hence, many Aquarians can put aside their emotions and remain friends with exes long after they have ended their relationships.

aquarius Why Are Leos Attracted To Aquarius

Are Leos and Aquarians a Good Match?

Aquarians tend to be cold and have difficulty expressing their emotions. A Leo is what an Aquarian needs to light up his world. Leo’s warm and emotional nature will melt the Aquarian’s heart and create a safe place for him/her to shine.

Leo’s love life with an Aquarian will be fascinating and harmonious. They may not be the most romantic people, but they are loving, adaptable, and fun to be with.

As individuals with strong personalities and beliefs, they will often be on different pages. However, they will allow each other sufficient space to be themselves and work for what they believe. Their relationship will be based on the values of individuality.

They look for an intellectual friend in a partner. They look for lovers with whom they can discuss ideas and innovation, someone who has his/her interests and ambitions in life and would accept them as they are.  Leos will be loving partners who can satisfy their craving for stimulating conversations.

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