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Vulcan Astrology Vulcan Ephemeris

Do you ever wonder if something as absurd as Vulcan astrology could help you understand yourself? Well, to begin with, astrology is just like math. It is just as real as the cosmic energies that exist in the spaces.

Believe it or not, the stars and planets and all such objects affect your life; quite like the moon affects the seas and oceans, causing high and low tides.

As you just read, Vulcan astrology is just as real as mathematics. And like mathematics has different branches to it, so does astrology! Amongst all the multiple streams of astrology, one which is still just as relevant is Vulcan astrology.

This article will help you understand and explore the various elements strung together by Vulcan astrology. You will see how it has a deep-rooted significance in your life. You will view human life in a fresh new light, and your outlook will alter for the better.

The truths that you did not even know existed will become apparent to you. And you will subconsciously try to associate it with how it reflects in your life.

So, before we dive into the details, think about this: have you ever heard of manifestation or been curious about its effectivity? 

If your answer is yes, you would be happy to learn that through Vulcan astrology, you can switch it up! You will have a conscious connection with your soul, like never before. That sounds funny when you say it like that, does it not?

Well, it still does not change the truth. You will see all that goes beyond what meets the eye. Be it in your personal life, professional, or even social.

It was in the 19th century when a French mathematician by the name of Urbain Le Verrier theorized the existence of “Vulcan.” It was said to be a planet between the Sun and Mercury, which resulted in the actual orbit of the first planet we know today.

So, all that you will read today is a study based on that hypothesis. Without any further ado, scroll away to find the mystical element that you have been missing your whole life! 

Vulcan Ephemeris

Vulcan astrology, just like all other forms that you might have come across, has its ephemeris. Now, what do you mean by ephemeris?

Simply stating, it is a table that gives you all the positions of cosmic and celestial objects out there. The data is collected based on theorized calculations, which is further dependent on where the cosmic object is at particular intervals. 

So when you consider Vulcan ephemeris, you are required to forge into new mannerisms. By mannerisms, you are meant to look at the different expressions of consciousness. When you achieve an understanding of that, you move on to the part where it actively plays into your life.

There is no doubt that your patterns of the past are primarily behavioral changes. With the development in this pattern, your consciousness and awareness of it grow within. You would be surprised to find out that these patterns further feed into dissociation from your passions, desires, and obligations.

First Ray of Will Power

The fact that you can gather effects from a theorized planet relates to the First Ray of Will Power. Elucidation of the same concept is the stimulating element that has distinct effects on you.

It gathers and enforces the need for you to detach yourself from all your material position. If you previously found yourself identifying your quality of life-based on materialism, this is for you. The force drives you away from all the superficial things.

Secondly, your individualism becomes more about Soul-centred experience and behavior. It resides in the fact that you can utilize the matter around you at any point in time. You could use it to fashion the necessary tools and objects that externalize your Soul force.

Say, for instance, that you have waged war against your enemy. It is a tool that you are also using against humanity and mankind. If taken the wrong way, you could easily turn the power of Vulcan astrology into an improper and impure behavioral pattern. 

The Plan

Regardless of what has been said before, there lies a link between humanity and the Plan. And that is on a much higher plane of manifestation. To understand the phenomenon or the relationship between the two, you need to familiarize yourself with Vulcan’s First Ray energy.

While the manifestation occurs due to the Fourth Ray ruler Taurus, the relationship persists due to the Fourth Kingdom of Nature.

There is no doubt that Vulcan astrology has a deep impact on mass consciousness. The common sense of it is achieved through the link of humanity breaking away from materialism.

The Mutable Cross to the Fixed Cross

One of the main significances of Vulcan astrology is to drive you from Mutable Cross to the Fixed Cross.

In Mutable Cross, you will observe that your individually centered personality is unaware of Vulcan astrology. The point is obvious, which is detaching yourself from superficial objects and relationships.

However, when you consciously begin to piece everything together, you will distinguish relationships based on their nature. Naturally, your essence of understanding and functioning will affect the Vulcan astrology specific to you.

By this time, you will actively be cultivating the focus of Vulcan astrology. Meaning, you will be detaching yourself from all things that you thought mattered. You will start understanding the noticeable change in your life.

Soon, Vulcan astrology would have established itself as an agent within you. Just like your journey so far, it will assist you in the transition of all disguised values and morals.

When you arrive at this particular stage, you will officially find yourself anchored to the Fixed Cross of Discipleship.

Your Vulcan astrology will depend on the ephemeris as you read initially. For understanding this, you should keep a check on the positions of the Vulcan. It will be alongside the position of the Sun and Mercury.

Roughly speaking, you will find it within 8 degrees 20 minutes from the Sun. Keep in mind that the Vulcan does not always share a similar sign with the Sun. And you are good to go!

how does a virgo man test you Virgo Likes And Dislikes Vulcan Virgo

Vulcan Virgo

Did you know that Vulcan is predicted to be the planet that rules Virgo? Often, the common notion might have you confused, that the ruling planet is Mercury. But now you know the accurate one!

So yes, Vulcan astrology becomes especially important and significant to a Virgo’s life. People believe that this planet is the son of Zeus and Hera. As the story goes, Zeus had thrown Vulcan out of heaven.

Here is a fun fact! When the Sun moves into Virgo, Rome celebrates the festival of lame God. You might know this day as Vulcanalia, which falls on August 23.

Getting back, Vulcan came to be known as the representative of all artisans. He was a blacksmith himself. And interestingly, the one who is assumed to be the ruler of the working community is none other than Virgo.

However, since Vulcan is a theorized planet, Virgo and Gemini must share the rulership of Mercury. It has been quite a compatible combination too. In this way, Vulcan astrology deems Vulcan as the true ruler of Virgo.

Taurus Woman And Leo Man Compatibility Vulcan in Taurus

Vulcan in Taurus

You might have heard that Taurus has two planetary rulers. One is Venus, which is quite inescapable, and the other is none other than Vulcan!

In this combination, Venus pours the elements of personality. But interestingly, Vulcan serves as the Soul ruler as well as the hierarchical one.

If you are into Esoteric Astrology, you will know that both these planets are very sacred. While Venus is popularly known, Vulcan is still just a planet that is yet to be discovered with proof.

But let that not stop you from being taken aback! According to Esoteric Astrology, the reason Vulcan is “hidden” is that many don’t have the consciousness enough to perceive it. The same is the case with the energy it radiates.

But as soon as you open your mind to the possibility and believe in its powers, you will be a changed person. You will be much more receptive and aware of its effect on your life. Your focus on the subtle elements in life will also increase.

Try revisiting the fact that one of Taurus’s rulers is hidden while both are sacred. Mind you, if you are a Taurus, your inner journey is going to be quite complicated. With hidden mysteries of your own, you will project high significance and sacredness, provided you believe!

Vulcan Astrology Calculator

Vulcan Astrology Calculator – How It Works

As you have seen before, Vulcan is a hypothetical planet. Meaning, its existence has only been theorized and not proven yet. And for that reason, there is no official ephemeris to figure out its actual position.

Nonetheless, Vulcan astrology has evolved beyond negating something due to a lack of proof. So, here are two of the most widely accepted ways of figuring out its position. They have also been considered a part of the Solar Fire, in case you are one for random interesting facts.

The L.H. Weston way of Vulcan astrology calculation

L.H. Weston stated that based on the times that Vulcan was supposedly sighted, a solution could be reached. The considerations will be constricted to all of the last century and early part of this century.

That way, Vulcan’s supposed orbit completed a revolution around the Sun every 19.5 days. That would bring the orbit to a maximum of about 8° from the Sun if observed from our planet.

In that manner, all the calculations operate based on the hypothesis proposed by professor Weston.

The D. Baker way of Vulcan astrology calculation

Dr. D. Baker also proposed an interesting way of theorizing the hidden planet of Vulcan. By documenting his hypothesis, he stated that understanding the quantum mechanical behavioral type of Vulcan is key.

He began by determining Vulcan at 3° from planet Mercury. At the risk of sounding too obvious, this angle is considered in the direction of the Sun. So, if Mercury is considered within 3° of the Sun, too, that would mean Vulcan being conjunct with the Sun.

Since Vulcan shares its sides with the Sun as Mercury, the concept becomes tricky. Those who have studied astrology or specifically Vulcan astrology should go for Dr. Baker’s Dictionary of Astrology. The reason behind this being that a complete rationale behind theorizing the above has been specified.

He talks about how the switching between the two alternatives leads to a significant change in the readings as well. And for obvious reasons, that is understandably the least abstract concept within Vulcan astrology.

Final Thoughts on Vulvan Astrology

Many people consider astrology as something which is extremely vague, complex, and abstract. While that might be true to some extent, it most certainly is not irrelevant.

As observed before, it is just like mathematics with different branches. Except, what you consider here is more than just the numbers. You have got the cosmic elements like the stars and spaces. Undoubtedly they play a part in your behavior and personality.

The best way of understanding the concept of astrology is to see it as a rough guide. You do not have to base your whole line of actions on it. But seeing how it reflects within these actions is certainly one way of understanding yourself!

Take a break from your practical life and risk believing that the sign you were born into gives you insight. But do not confuse this insight for complete control because the signs are just here to guide you. They are not the only responsible party for how you behave.

Vulcan astrology is just like any other form of astrology. It will help you get a deeper look into yourself. You will not become a completely different person, but you sure will start to understand the confusing bits.

Besides, you do not have to let it completely change the way you act. After all, you have your free will and consciously capable rationality to combine it with too!

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