Venus Line Astrocartography – Updated 2022 – A Complete Guide

If you are hearing it for the first time, astrocartography is something that determines all the happenings in your life. It is the driving force that can probably make it possible to go on a solo trip, or why you get drawn to Paris every time you think of studying abroad.

Astrocartography is essentially how planets place themselves and how those placements affect our lives. The energies that we feel in places we visit or live in, where and when we are born, the people we meet are all said to affect astrocartography.

In this article, we will be focusing on the planet, Venus. Venus represents the pleasures of our life. It can be money, self-assurance, relationships, and love in general too. The Venus line, therefore, indicates the locations which can bring wealth or a loving relationship.

In short, if you want to have an incredible social life, the line to follow is the Venus line. Read on to find out more about the planet, how it can affect our daily lives on Earth, and how to read your astrocartography.

Venus Line Astrocartography – A Complete Guide

The Venus line comes with a truckload of energy. So, this makes the Venusian line the best location for a romantic vacation or a honeymoon. This is the place where businesses, designs, beauty, and fashion can thrive, unlike anywhere else.

However, the line also brings with it a tendency to become too laid back at times. But if you can be organized and driven by your goal, you can stay assured that you will fare immensely well if you follow this line.

You will develop a beautiful new bloom when you are under the Venus line’s energy. This bloom has the potential to make you noticeable and attractive to others too. Under this line, your life can become more enjoyable and relaxing.

It may also happen that you will give more precedence to your social life over your professional one. On the other hand, following the Venus line can even lead you to your partner or soulmate if you are single. Apart from that, all sorts of business collaborations can be fruitful as well.

In this location, there will similarly be plenty of opportunities to build a beautiful new home. You might feel extravagant while you travel under Venusian energy. So if you want to save your money, some restraint will be required.

How to Read Astrocartography?

If you want to know the exact path for you to thrive in life, you need to know how to read your astrocartography map. Everyone has a personal astrocartography world map that shows them the best places to advance in their careers, relocate, and travel.

Knowing your astrocartography meridian lines is a game-changer if you’re unsure where to travel or if taking a particular step would be the right thing to do. Here is what you need to do for reading your astrocartography map:

  • Find out where you live on a meridian world map and locate yourself on it.
  • Once you find your location, you will notice a connecting meridian line or a triangle having a planet symbol. This line would also cover the surrounding areas, but you should take into account up to 124 miles or less.
  • If you see the symbol for the Venus symbol anywhere within this range, that is your cue to follow!
  • After that, using the same procedure, locate a place that you have visited or lived in at some point in your life.
  • Recall your time living in those places and look for similar power lines and symbols.
  • Finally, look for a location that you would like to visit or plan to in this same manner. You will be able to use the astrocartography map and its planet lines to help you find the place to move to or find new locations to visit as well.

However, if you do not find any planet symbols or lines where you currently reside or are considering relocating to, it means that these locations may not be the place for you. You might want to consider a different place to be your new forever home or a travel location.

One thing you can do is decorate your current living space according to the place that has several planet lines moving through it.

For instance, if the Venus line runs through Spain on your map, you can decorate your living space with Spanish artifacts. Or, you can learn to play the flamenco guitar, as these acts can work towards bringing you even closer to your ideal life flow.

This method of remote activation was pioneered by the late Jim Lewis, who takes the credit for developing and popularising the astrocartography map in the first place.

Do It Yourself Astrocartography

If you consider reading your astrocartography map, there is some good-quality online software that makes it possible. Do It Yourself astrocartography requires a one-time purchase to get you started on the right track, but you are good to go after that.

DIY astrocartography maps have made it possible to read your map on personal computers and from the comfort of your home, too, thanks to years of research and the existence of the right software.

It is necessary to understand the relationships between the houses and planetary positions represented in your natal chart. We have listed a few trustworthy software here that can be useful if you want a head start on planning a new move or even if you want to experiment.

But at the same time, please bear in mind that using the software and understanding them for possible relocations consists of many complex levels.

It is comparable to studying medicine or law. You probably wouldn’t make a medical or legal decision based solely on a single piece of research conducted by you. In the same way, when you are contemplating a life-altering decision, it is advisable to consult a known astrocartography expert.

A plan to relocate might end up costing you thousands of dollars. While it is good practice to be wary about your possible future, basing a decision on it should also not be taken too lightly.

Here are some software that you can consider using to read your astrocartography map –

1. Starwise 3D Chart Calculator

Starwise uses Astrology by Walter Pullen for their custom front-end software to generate astrocartography charts based on all the information provided by you.

When you are considering or planning a move, you can use these detailed charts to see the effects on your relocated natal chart. The Starwise 3D charts also include both ecliptic and right ascension points of view.

Both perspectives are valid on their own. But when combined, they show how your relocated natal charts can look.

2. Janus by Astrologyware

Janus has remarkable astrocartography abilities, like the conjunction maps following the A*C*G style of quality. These maps also allow you to view your valuables just as quickly.

Apart from that, your relocated natal chart lines are selectable for key asteroids, standard planets, and so much more.

You can choose to zoom on a particular area if you look for greater and more in-depth detail. The package also includes other resources such as –

  • Geodetic
  • Local space maps
  • Time zones
  • A world atlas
  • Forecast lines
  • Full interpretive reports

3. Winstar Plus Pro by Matrix Software

Winstar’s most helpful feature is the auto-display mode which allows point-and-click navigation of your relocated natal chart. If you click on any part of the map, you will be able to see your relocated natal chart for that particular location.

This software is quite handy if you are a serious astrocartographer. Apart from that, it also has local space maps and azimuth lines currently the best in the market and outperforms any other program.

4. Kepler by Cosmic Patterns

Even when zoomed in, Kepler’s astrocartography maps are of superior quality. The smaller area maps allow you to see other lines for midpoints, sextiles, squares, trines, and so on.

5. Solar Maps by Esoteric Technologies

The most recent version of Solar Maps is fantastic and designed explicitly for serious cartography thanks to its high accuracy and resolution.

It offers A*C*G style planet-axis conjunctions, but you can also add more lines for sextiles, trines, bi-quintiles, and so on up to a maximum of 24 aspects.

If you’re interested in planet midpoints, you can see those lines as well, but only in conjunctions. You can even see all planets together, rather than just one at a time as with the earlier versions.

Venus Line Astrocartography – Getting Started

On an astrocartography map, Venus can move in both ascending and descending lines. If it is on the Ascendant, the places on that line will connect you with things that can bring you joy and pleasure.

Visiting these locations can grant you a sharpened sense of wealth or financial acumen. It may even inspire the artist within you, as you will be drawn to the culture and aesthetics of these places. Beautiful things are supposed to come easily to you in these places.

The locations on the Venusian Ascendant line also tend to arouse your sensuality and make you desire to meet other people. You might also find yourself falling in love in such a place.

If you find your Venus in the Midheaven, those places will emphasize collaboration with others. Your success will crucially depend upon connecting with the people you come across in this location, and you might get a feeling of destiny at work.

You will find encouragement in your endeavors when it comes to knowing the people of that region and expressing your talent and skills. The location can also turn out to be your pleasure paradise and be ideal for investing and securing your financial position.

The Venus line on the Descendant, however, is known as the marriage line. Here, relationship issues will predominate. You may also feel incomplete in these places unless you form a bond with another person romantically.

In these places, you will find yourself motivated to learn the art of maintaining a relationship and prioritizing your partner’s needs above your own. This part of the world can bring you connections based on wealth or pleasure, and it can be both aesthetically or financially.

The worst that could happen here is that you might attract others who are highly materialistic. Even if they seek pleasure hedonistically or over-expressing Venusian qualities, they will help you learn lessons in the art of love.

Transcendental Venus – What You Should Know

Venus is known to promote unions between the outer and inner expressions of harmony when it gets enhanced through relocations.

The enhanced Venus is known as the transcendental Venus line. It can be caused by the play of elements present in your surrounding environment or interaction with others around you.

The regions that fall under the transcendental line can prove to bring similarly enhanced results in your life.

Relocating to a Transcendental Venus region can enhance the direct Venus effects. You might experience deeper senses of feelings due to soulful and environmental harmony with the place you will be in.

Venus awakens souls through these encounters to those who can exemplify the planet’s most positive qualities. This includes her capability of interpersonal union and meaning. No other planet can perform what Venus does in this respect.

It offers a path to incorporate the soul in the surrounding environment and eventually blurs the differences between outer and inner perceptions through the power of love and unions.

Relocation to such a transcendental Venusian region may aid in the development of such an understanding. It can also help initiate soul-enriching and vitalizing experiences like you have never experienced before.

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Final Words

The astrocartography charts discuss an overall analysis of the person. Although there is no set path that a person must take, the key points tend to remain consistent. The planets, particularly Venus, play a huge role, and it all happens in the background.

If you combine your efforts and direct them in the right direction, Venus will shower you with all of life’s pleasures and joys. Its role must be studied concerning other planets too, and it is always recommended to seek professional assistance before you leap.

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