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Do you believe in zodiac signs? If your answer to this question is yes, this post will be a fun read for you. You will find about Juno and its relevance in certain zodiac signs along with some other intricate details. But what is Juno in Vedic astrology?

Juno is one of the four asteroids and signifies loyalty in commitments and relationships. It is also called the asteroid of relationships. It is identical to Jupiter but is a stronger form. Where Jupiter signifies some early-stage attraction, Juno represents loyalty and faith.

But if your answer to this question is no, then this post will make you realize how the power behind the science of astrology and zodiac signs works. There is a reason why Linda Goodman’s book on zodiac signs is such a hit on amazon.com, and you are all set to know why!

Sometimes in life, you feel things that do not have a very opaque reason. You tend to think hard but cannot find the genesis of that feeling. This happens with almost everyone until they are aware of how their stars are working in the background to make their different domains shine.

Juno was the ancient goddess who was married to Jupiter, also known as Zeus. Throughout the scriptures, Juno has reserved its spot for being the most loyal wife irrespective of how Zeus functioned. Zeus has been cited as unfaithful many times, but Juno has always stuck around to signify the power of commitment and loyalty.

Juno does not signify love or sex like venus, it goes a step further to lay its roots down for marriage. It shows the characteristics of you as a partner as well as the partner you will get to spend your life with. Juno, in its most basic form, signifies general commitment too.

Juno in Vedic Astrology

Juno in Vedic astrology has a very clearly defined meaning. It is also called Juno and the destined spouse theory.

However, there is no specific duration of a longer relationship, you can consider a relationship that has crossed the one year benchmark. Juno’s role will be clearer from this assumption.

Juno can represent both the aspects of changes that will happen in your life. The changes which will happen before you get married and the changes post your marriage as well. It also throws light on how the life of your spouse will turn out concerning the position of your stars.

It gives clarity about the major constituents of life like wealth, loss, and many others. It also tells you how your partner is going to treat you and about the happy and sad moments. This might sound a bit arcane right now, but the stars of your life do control a lot of things that are not in your control.

Juno’s combined analysis

As mentioned earlier, the Juno is very closely related to venus, and that is why both of them are usually analyzed together. Juno, when seen in a women’s horoscope, hints towards a long lasting relationship. It is never related to transitory affairs.

Juno’s equation with Jupiter hints towards incessant love and loyalty. It is adapted from the proceedings which took place between Zeus and Juno. Juno has always lacked importance in western astrology. If you are keen, you should analyze it with Mars, Jupiter, and Venus for accurate results.

When we talk about marriage and serious relationships, Juno also hints towards a karmic tendency to relate the real-life equation with lost love and even with the feelings which are rooted deep within.

Juno in Natal Chart
How to find Juno in Natal Chart

Juno in Natal Chart

Juno’s role in a natal chart is all the emotions that are linked to love and relationship. All the intimate relationships are governed by Juno. It also looks after equality in relationships and the trust to build a future together. Along with the positive emotions, there are also the emotions of jealousy and possessiveness which come along.

Whenever there is a situation of mistrust in a relationship, your astrologer will try to find and analyze Juno.

How to find Juno in Natal Chart

Juno has a glyph, which is a cross of matter that is further topped with a star. This glyph has to be found in the natal chart. There are a lot of websites that provide the service of checking your natal chart by entering the birth details.

There are various filters in the algorithm which can ease the process of finding Juno.

The relationship of Juno with other planets

Juno has a very interesting relationship with other planets. When it is studied with other planets, various characteristics gain light. The consistency of relationships comes into the picture too. Any astrologer can tell you how a relationship is going to impact you after taking the effects of other planets with respect to Juno.

The relationship of Juno with signs

Each sign with respect to the house position of Juno has a different significance. All the predictions regarding your perfect partner are based on the position of these two constituents.

Juno in Aries

Your partner will be full of life and energy. They will have a liking towards sports and physical activities. You cannot laze around if you want to make your relationship work. You will have to be proactive enough to match the zeal so that your relationship never withers away.

You should make a wise choice before you settle in front of the first person that comes along.

Juno in Taurus

This position may hint towards a rational and joy loving spouse who is physically attractive too. It can also mean that your life will take a positive turn after getting married in terms of overall growth.

There will be prosperity along with financial security. Your spouse may get money-minded, but their vigor will make them perform outstandingly in business, which will lead to a better lifestyle for you as a couple.

Juno in Gemini

In order to find a perfect match, you should always keep your priorities in check. You should definitely search for a person who is not silent and calm but is full of enthusiasm. You need someone who is smart and has good reasoning skills. This position also hints towards marrying your high school sweetheart or someone whom you have met in your formative years.

A Juno position, when in reference to Gemini, also creates the situation of a second marriage. It also signifies that you might be lucky enough to find your soulmate.

Juno in Cancer

You will look forward to an emotionally available partner who gets moved easily. You will not have to wait for much longer as Juno in this house hints towards finding your partner early in your life. Your partner may have some ongoing ailments all the time, which will lead to them complaining about the same. You will have to be strong to walk the path together.

Juno in Leo

The chances of you ending up with a showman are immense, and that is the exact personality type meant for you. You should not tie a knot with a person who is shy and reserved because that will not complement your personality. Juno when working together with Leo, usually settles for an energetic spouse who might act childish at times. This person will be an extrovert and a type who likes to fool around.

You might end up marrying the first person you have a relationship with, and thus you should pay special attention to the type of people you mingle with. Your spouse will be a family loving person but will not stay within wraps.

Juno in Virgo

You definitely need a partner who pays attention to your well being because you have a tendency to ignore it yourself. You will try to look for rationality in relationships and will always end up prioritizing work over personal life. Thus, you need someone who is effective, loving, and as hardworking as you are.

The feeling of not being acknowledged might cause some discomfort to you, but you will rise above all those feelings in no time.

Juno in Libra

You should look for someone who is not just attractive but also has a knack for art. You will undergo some hefty personal and general changes after your spouse steps in. However, the changes will hold a good trajectory, and you will be loved by the partner you choose.

You will demand equality in the relationship and will always look forward to evening things out by talking about them.

Juno in Scorpio

You will get an attractive spouse, but the path will be full of surprises. There will be mysteries that will unravel, and you should be ready for them. There will be a great need to have sexual compatibility for better understanding. Your spouse might feel jealous occasionally, but you should deal with the situation in a calm manner.

Juno in Sagittarius

You might settle for a partner who is completely different from you are. You both will have contrasting traits that will add more flavor to your married life. They can be of a different nationality too.

There is a high chance that your partner will be verbose, which means you will have to fight for chances to push your points forth. You should always remember to work on yourself while understanding the deeper essence that your relationship holds.

Juno in Capricorn

You are a practical person, and thus, your preferences will lie in an identical domain. You should find someone who is looking forward to a decent relationship. You will not yearn for emotional support, and therefore a lot of layers will exist in the relationship.

You will meet your spouse in a very accidental manner, and you will judge the relationship with utmost rationale. You will marry your spouse thinking that they are the best you can get.

Juno in Aquarius

You will value logical consistency more than emotional availability. Your spouse will be a social butterfly, which might make you feel a bit out of place at times. You will be prone to zoning out in a room full of people. You will have to adjust for a while, but it will work out for good.

Your spouse will be a good-hearted person with whom you might share some previous bond. It can be an old friend or acquaintance.

Juno in Pisces

This position hints at a partner who exists in a parallel universe. You have good analytical skills to find out shortcomings but make sure that you voice them too. You have the tendency to be selfless, and therefore you should make a sound decision about the person you would want to marry. Your spouse will always be emotionally available to back you up when you feel low.

Your spouse might have a secret crush on you before you get into any kind of relationship.

lilith-synastry The relationship of Juno with signs

Final words

This is how the science of astrology gives justice to every domain of your life. One glyph can make so much difference to your natal chart. Juno has a very distinctive stance when it is weighed with different signs, but its sole meaning shall always be loyal.

Juno will define the right fit for you. The person who is going to withstand the test of time with you irrespective of the million problems which will come your way. It will help you in finding a partner who will accept you for who you are despite the flaws that you have.

Juno is all about patience and forecasting. It will tell you whether you synchronize with your partner or not. It will also give you a rain check on the reality of things so that you do not end up with the wrong person for the rest of your life.

Certain things will take time to settle, as mentioned above. But if you start connecting the dots, you will see how the science of astrology amazes you in ways you never imagined. All the best!

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