Jack Harlow Birth Chart, Zodiac Sign & More – UPDATED 2023

If you’re a regular social media user, you probably know about the existence of Jack Harlow. He has become one of the most popular stars due to his charming personality and notable talent.

If you’d like to know Jack Harlow better, we have everything about the Jack Harlow Birth Chart.

Jack Harlow was born on March 13, 1998, in Kentucky, USA. Although we don’t have his time of birth, we now have a clear insight into his personality and path in life.

We will explore the different aspects that compose Jack Harlow’s Birth Chart.

Jack Harlow Birth Chart – A Complete Guide

Jack Harlow Birth Chart
Jack Harlow Zodiac
Jack Harlow Natal Chart

Jack Harlow is an American rapper and songwriter. He’s co-founder of Private Garden, a musical collective. His most popular song at the moment is “What’s Poppin,” although he has collaborated with different musicians within the scene throughout his career, like Lil Nas X.

Jack Harlow Zodiac Sign

Jackman Thomas Harlow, popularly known as Jack Harlow, was born on March 13, 1998, in Kentucky, USA. Therefore, his Sun is in Pisces, which is the last zodiac sign. This is a water sign whose ruler planet is Neptune and is represented by two fish that swim in opposite directions. This last aspect represents the fluctuant nature of the sign, sometimes contradictory and inconsistent.

Pisces Traits

Positive traitsNegative traits
EmpathyMoody and overly-emotional

Positive Traits

It can be complicated to define the personality of those with Pisces as their zodiac sign. However, some of the most noticeable personality traits include patience, friendliness, and tranquility. Pisceans tend to be sensible and sympathize very easily with other people’s feelings.

Other people deeply appreciate Pisceans due to their lovable and kind personalities. Due to their lack of initiative, they are not a threat to those in authoritative positions.

Due to the nature of their signs, those born with Pisces as their sun sign tend to live more through emotion than through logic. They trust their instinct instead of their thinking. Plus, they value their freedom more than anything. However, they won’t fight against the power that already exists as they don’t have the energy.

Pisceans tend to be some of the most empathetic people someone can meet. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to make people within their circles happy. T

Pisceans are characterized by being dreamers and natural-born poets, as well as extremely creative. These aspects are easily noticeable through his artistry.

Negative Traits

On the other hand, Pisceans can be moody if things don’t go as they want. It is also possible for people to take advantage of them due to their generous nature. Hence, it’s possible for them to become withdrawn and isolated if they’ve been hurt multiple times.

Pisceans are very in tune with their emotions, which makes it easy for them to relate to others. However, sometimes, their emotions can be quite overwhelming and may cause them to be extremely moody and overly emotional. Don’t be surprised if a Piscean randomly starts crying during a fight or an argument.

If a Piscean feels hurt, it can take a long time for them to get over what happened and become their normal selves. This is a common characteristic of water signs, which are well-known for holding grudges.

Despite being helpful, Pisceans tend to be closed off. They don’t know how to ask for help and have a hard time accepting assistance from others. This can be because they feel misunderstood or because they feel like people are not taking enough time to understand what they’re going through.

Pisceans have very strong feelings. Hence, if they feel like someone is “toying” them, they will become closed off as a form of protection.

Jack Harlow Natal Chart

We know that Jack Harlow has his Sun in Pisces. However, there are other characteristics that are important to know within his natal chart. Below you can find a full list and a general explanation of what this natal chart tells us about his life.

Planetary Positions

Sun at 22º in Pisces

Moon at 28º in Virgo

Mercury at 9º in Aries

Venus at 7º in Aquarius

Mars at 6º in Aries

Jupiter at 8º in Pisces

Saturn at 19º in Aries

Uranus at 11º in Aquarius

Neptune at 1º in Aquarius

Pluto is in retrograde and at 8º in Sagittarius

The North Node is in retrograde andat 9º in Virgo

Chiron is in retrograde and at 18º in Scorpio


Those with their Moon in Virgo tend to be polite and service-oriented. Jack may feel the need to be useful to others and takes his work very seriously. He may also be practical and try to get concrete results that can be proven. People with this placement tend to be quite realistic.

Jack has his Mercury in Aries. Therefore, he’s likely to be quite impulsive – whether it is through his speech or their actions. He is likely to jump to conclusions. However, he may feel confident most of the time and have the courage to go through most situations.

People with Venus in Aquarius tend to be very sociable. Their style tends to be very noticeable and extremist sometimes, which is why some people may perceive them as “unusual.” Plus, this grants the bearer a unique outlook on relationships – hence, Jack may end up making some unexpected choices in his love life.

Mars in Aris is heavily associated with impulsivity. It’s also very likely for them to be moody, but this anger doesn’t last for too long. People with this placement are not likely to hold on to grudges. Jack may trust his instincts and often feels like he’s a step ahead of everyone else. He’s always willing to explore fresh ideas, allowing him to keep his life exciting and interesting throughout the time. Challenges are always welcome.

Jupiter in Pisces is associated with the search for knowledge through the connection the bearer has with their environment. Jupiter is in constant expansion, and the compassion that characterizes Pisces makes them truly appreciate the feelings of those who surround them. It’s easy for them to understand other people’s feelings and learn through their experiences. However, it may lead to idealization sometimes if the bearer gets too carried away.

People with Saturn in Aries are extremely resourceful. Despite lacking initiative, it is easy for them to have a fresh start, especially if it helps them achieve their objectives. Saturn defines where our limits are due to our fears; when it is in Aries, it may refer to the discomfort they feel whenever they try asserting themselves. It is complicated for them to face confrontations and take decisive action. Due to this, people with Saturn in Aries have learned to be self-reliant because asking for help takes a lot of energy from them.

We’ve been talking about how easy it is for Jack to forget about previous conflicts and let go of the past. Uranus in Aquarius makes it even more noticeable, as it is all about learning from the past and taking only the things that matter – everything else can remain in oblivion. When it comes to men, Uranius in Aquarius may mean that they are looking forward to discovering their “true talent.” They’re really looking forward to a certain goal, and if they decide that it is something worth pursuing, they will start working on it once they’ve received validation from their friends.

Neptune in Aquarius refers to a self-centered and brilliant individual. The bearer tends to be extremely creative and may find inspiration in the different things they see in their everyday lives, no matter where they are. There’s no end to their creativity, and they may have problems whenever people insist on following conventional approaches to different things. It’s easy for them to work alone; after all, who’s better than them to understand how to get things done? Plus, this placement grants Jack a certain level of competitiveness.

Pluto in retrograde is all about introspection. When combined with Sagittarius, a sign that is curious by nature, it is possible for the bearer to find it easy to get lost within themselves. Jack may be prone to exploring the different areas in his life and evaluate them if necessary. This way, he can notice what he needs to improve.

When it comes to a Virgo north node, it means that the path you’ve chosen in life involves generosity and healing. Therefore, fitness and healthy habits may be a great part of Jack’s life.

Jack Harlow Rising & Ascendant Signs

The ascendant and rising signs are the same things, as both terms are synonymous. In this case, Jack Harlow is a Cancer Rising person – therefore, he has a sensitive and kind nature. Despite that, he may be wary of people he meets for the first time. He’s likely to evaluate the situation before starting to take action; hence, it takes a while for him to let down his guard.

Due to their sensitivity, Cancer rising individuals tend to be quite solitary – especially if they’ve been hurt in the past. It can be tough for them to trust others once they’ve already gone through a bad experience, as they may feel like their ability to build relationships may be lacking.

Let’s not forget that Cancer is a water sign. Therefore, Jack may have a considerably high emotional intelligence, which he uses to his advantage to communicate with others and have a deep impact on each of his interactions. When he feels good, he’s likely to easily figure out how to touch other people’s hearts. This ability to read out other people’s emotions makes him quite prone to becoming a leader.

It’s also worth noting that people with Cancer rising are extremely prone to addiction. It could be either people or substances. It can be complicated for them to deal with their emotions the right way – so they feel like they have no other option but to drown their sorrows.

Jack may feel his best when he’s with his friends or the group of people he considers his family. Cancer risings tend to build a “secure home base” so they can move through the world with security.

Jack Harlow Rising Sign
Jack Harlow Ascendant Sign

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