How To Get A Leo Man To Open Up To You! 5 Great Tricks!

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The lion is the animal representation of Leo. Like lions in the jungle, the Leo man likes to roam free and proud. You may be head-over-heels over a Leo man with a strong desire to know him more. But sadly, he keeps his doors shut and leaves you hanging. To crack that tough shell, you have to ask the right question. That precise question would be, ‘how to get a Leo man to open up?’

To let a Leo man open up, you need to learn certain things about his personality and his being. There is no definite approach that will work quickly or correctly. However, it is a slow process involving combinations of various means that will bear positive long term results.

You have to know how you can use these methods to make the Leo man open up to you. He may try hard to hide his vulnerabilities and his true self from you. But it is not impossible to thread the needle or crack that tough shell.

How To Get A Leo Man To Open Up To You!

Few cautious steps you can take to make him more accessible and confiding:

Try to curry favor with him

  1. Being romantic and warm-hearted people, you can enthrall Leos by wooing them and making use of your creativity.
  2. Be spontaneous in your actions and catch them off guard but keep the proceeding contexts relevant. Using your originality is a useful tool here.
  3. Read the room and make your moves accordingly. Else, it could blow things out of proportion and backfire on you.
  4. Show polite gestures and be considerate while dealing with him. Give him gifts or show physical affections from time to time. Make sure that you don’t do it too often that it will start to creep him out.

Lend him the spotlight

If you take a look at history, many Leos make great public speakers and leaders.

  • Not everyone can be great, but it matters to Leos to be in the limelight, even in a small circle. They have a keen desire to be seen and adored by the crowd.
  • They do quite well at making an impact on the masses too. Hence, to a feasible extent, as long as it does not spoil your man, try to lend him some spotlight. This way, you will gain favor in his eyes, and he might not be too far from your reach.
  • If you put him in the limelight, he may not show much, but deep down, he will be genuinely grateful. He will understand that you’re willing to support him in the things that matter to him.

Communicate and be transparent with him

The last thing you would want is for him to misunderstand your position after everything you did for him.

  • If you want a Leo man to open up, you need to open up too. They are insecure people and will not just show their vulnerable side to any person they can’t trust.
  • Communicate with him and be transparent about your feelings and thoughts, too, unless they’re provocative. However, when you talk about yourself, try to hold back, or else he may consider you as a selfish person. Also, if they happen to take it that way, they might only lose interest in you.
  • Alternatively, during your conversations, ask about him and ensure that the questions do not invade his space. This way, you will gain his trust, making him feel more comfortable around you. That will also make it much easier for him to take that giant leap of faith and open up.
  • In case of disagreements, if he is in the wrong, try to make him understand. But do not yield or back down. Once they realize that your intentions were pure, they will only be more into you. Leos like women with strong personalities.

Try to keep pace with him

As known as outgoing people, Leos spend their lives with full vigor and excitement. They love to take on challenges, discover new places, learn new skills, etc. as to lead exciting lives. If you want to get closer and understand him better, you will need to keep up with his dynamic lifestyle.

You don’t have to do the things he does or compete with him. Instead, show him that you can also grow and take on new challenges in your unique way. On the other hand, make sure that you do not overshadow his achievements, which may hurt his ego.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. He will respect you even more so than he ever did before.

Understand what he expects from his partner

As a king has his pride to maintain, a Leo man has his reputation to uphold. His ego is a rather bothersome individual sense which is hard to please.

  • He wants a partner who can depend on him and make him feel essential.
  • He yearns for a partner who will admire him and appreciate his efforts without any skeptical mindsets. Being cheerful about his accomplishments and considerate of his drawbacks will take you a long way.
  • He would love to spoil you as his beloved once he falls in love with you.
  • Leos desire strong women who can be their stronghold even at the weakest point in their life.

How to Handle It When They Open up to You?

Most of these men are people-oriented and socializers and can perform exceedingly well with the crowd. However, due to concealed self-doubts and insecurities, they hardly ever open up about themselves to anyone. If you happen to build trust with your Leo man, he may start opening himself to you. As a result, this could take your relationship up a notch. Here are two points you need to be aware of:

  1. Do not invade his space. Be respectful of his boundary and privacy. His willingness to share with you would depend on how much he trusts you.
  2. Be patient. It is a gradual process and may consume a lot of your time. Do not rush for half-hearted intimacy. Half-grown fruits don’t taste as sweet as ripe ones.
  3. Sometimes you will have to make sacrifices for him too, i.e., if your relationship is indeed worth it. Be willing to take risks and experience instances of trust.


So, How to get a Leo man to open up to you? Opening up to someone takes a lot of courage and conviction for a lot of Leos. As trust begets trust, it will do you well first to trust them to earn their trust.

You must understand that not all Leos will behave with pride nor crave attention. As there are multiple techniques to skin a cat, getting a Leo man to open up is the same. Be open-minded and avoid sticking to only specific methods.

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