How To Make A Leo Woman Jealous!

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By nature, Leo women are emotionally susceptible to the changes and events happening around them. A strong but subtle sensation that can make them lose all sensibility and drive them crazy is jealousy. Jealousy is a powerful feeling that can take over her thoughts and lure her to you. You may be in a spot where you long for her attention and, therefore, want to make her envious. But, do you know how to make a Leo woman jealous?

You can make a Leo woman jealous by doing things that would capture her attention while concurrently provoking her emotions. Jealousy is a two-headed sword that can prove harmful or beneficial, depending on the intensity.

It is the intentions that matter when you’re making a move on anybody. Hence, you need to be sure of your motives as it is unsafe to mess around with a Leo woman. The overall driving force must be precise and harmless.

How To Make A Leo Woman Jealous

Some things you can do to rouse her green-eyes:

Divert your attention towards other girls

As possessive as they come, Leo women will not sit still if they see their man with any other girl.

  • Use this method if the fame and attention that your Leo woman is receiving are harming your relation. This method works best when you are aware that she can notice your behaviors well.
  • Try to surround yourself with beautiful women and have a healthy time with them.
  • If possible, divert your attention towards a girl she adores, or she befriends. That way, she will start to feel a little insecure and consider putting more effort into your relationship.
  • The better the other girl is, the more fired up she will be.

You can also use this method on your Leo crush if you’re aware that she is also into you.

Show that you don’t need her

The farther into a relationship, you go with a Leo woman, the more she will assume that you need her.

  • Though she likes to spoil you, she may become a little dominating and less romantic. With that in mind, try to spend more time alone than with her.
  • Try to do the things you usually do with her, alone. You can try preparing your meals and go out for walks alone.
  • If you live together, move to a different location for a while with an excuse. Or else minimize meeting up or making physical contacts unless necessary.

Your behaviors will gradually open her eyes, and she will try to put more effort into your relationship.

Show her that she has competitions

A Leo woman is very competitive and likes to be on the winning side most of the time.

  • Try to familiarize yourself and spend time with someone else who is better than her in her field of expertise. She would be curious about it and show her interest, and it would make her genuinely jealous.
  • Try to spend quality time with your friends. Make her know that you enjoy yourself more when you’re with friends than when with her. That would be a devastating blow to her ego and make her want to try hard to win your favor.
  • Occasionally, challenge her in the things you’re good at. Do it just for fun without trying to undermine her morals or confidence.

Why You Should Make a Leo Woman Jealous

You need first to sit back and analyze why you want to make her jealous.

To prove yourself to her

Leo girls are very charming and attractive, that they receive a lot of attention from other boys. There’s a long queue of contenders waiting to win her over. On the condition that you have nothing to show for, she might as well go after someone with better confidence.

Therefore, if you can make her jealous, you will be ahead in the competition by leaps and bounds. That is how you can prove to her that you are a cut above the rest. Consequently, in no time, she will divert her attention to you. It is like they say; desperate times call for desperate measures.

To keep your romance alive

As the Zodiac signs’ traits fall on both genders, Leo women are not much different from their counterparts. They can be arrogant, proud, and demanding of their romantic partners most times.

But there are times when they may slack off with romancing once they receive blinding attention and fame. Your relationship can get blunt and boring with lesser quality time spent together each passing day.

Such situations also call for a rejuvenating course of action, which would be: to make her jealous. It can breathe new air into your relationship and make your bonds stronger in its own good time.

To get her to open up

In the case of crushes, a Leo woman might show no affection towards you even if she may be into you. Sometimes she will play a little hard to get and betray her real emotions. But isn’t that all a necessary stage of romance?

Making her jealous will cause her to become impatient, and she may inadvertently let her guard down. Consequently, without wasting valuable time, she may open herself up and express her feelings for you.

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Why You Shouldn’t Make a Leo Woman Jealous

To get back at her

To want to seek revenge for the wrongs done to you is natural. But to carry it out is not a noble deed. It is a sign that you have allowed your woman to devour your mind and take control of it. It only proves how miserable your life is now.

The better thing to do would be to focus on improving yourself and letting go of the past. Take time and make room for yourself to grow emotionally stronger.

To dominate and control her

Leo women have healthy and courageous personalities. They will not bow down to anyone with a sick mentality. To take control of the lives of people close to you is an act of the weak. Only insecure people find it comfortable to dominate the lives of people more vulnerable than them.

If you plan to make her jealous to bind her, remember that it would only backfire at you. She would instead break free from those fragile chains and win every step of the way.


So, how to make a Leo woman jealous? Making a Leo woman jealous to revitalize your relationship or get a better relationship grip is acceptable. However, too much of anything can lead to a heart-rending end. Hence, be sure to know your limits and boundaries of your actions.

Please do not take your acts too far as to defeat their very own purpose. Though arrogant and aggressive sometimes, a Leo woman will always understand your intentions behind your very actions.

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