Draconic Birth Chart Analysis – UPDATED 2023 – A Complete Guide

Draconic Birth Chart Analysis is an ancient form of astrology that uses the positions of the planets at the time of your birth to reveal your true nature. This system is said to be more accurate than traditional Western astrology, as it considers the equinoxes’ precession. This branch of astrology can help you better comprehend how you behave without relying on external factors such as your personality.

This type of chart reading has been used to discover a lot about your actual or higher self since Babylonian times; however, this custom was long overlooked until recently, when the astrologers resurrected the old subject.

The term draconic stems from the Latin nomenclature for Lunar Nodes: Cauda or dragon’s head for Lunar North Node and Draconis or dragon’s tail for Lunar South Node. The Draconic Astrology, unlike the tropical zodiac birth charts, starts at 0° Aries with the Lunar North Node.

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Draconic Birth Chart – A Complete Guide

The Draconic Birth Chart Analysis is a tool that can be used to gain insight into your true self. This system can also be used to make predictions about your future and is said to be more accurate than traditional Western astrology, as it considers the equinoxes’ precession. This branch of astrology can help you better comprehend how you behave without relying on external factors like your personality.

Draconic Birth Chart Analysis – How It Works?

You can approach draconic astrology via two different lenses: the reincarnation lens to better comprehend your higher self via one-life beliefs like the unconscious and karma, or the reincarnation lens to link with both your higher self and former lives.

The nuance of astrology improves comprehension in your lower and upper mind via draconic charts, which portray the higher self even before it encounters the personality or physical body.

The draconic chart governs your higher thinking and the underlying core layer to how you identify yourself via your natal chart. The comparison of these two is quite beneficial in learning more about your holistic self. Draconic astrology is an excellent tool to increase your spiritual awareness and development.

Since how you handle matters through values, morals, and natural urges can differ drastically from the way how you cope with situations that are the elements of your personality and material world, which are regulated by your natal chart, duality exists here.

Understand that the draconic chart symbolizes your soul’s goal, notwithstanding any anxiety in the absence of explanation. It reveals who you truly are, what causes you to be happy, and how you respond, encompassing the whole world before any judgment is applied.

That image depicts your soul’s goal and provides insightful wisdom into the spiritual soul by expressing your most profound values, mental patterns, and desires. If you have a spiritual or astrological practice, the reading might also reveal information about soulmates and destiny.

Draconic charts can allow you to understand your true self and let you recognize who you really are at your roots by identifying what attributes your soul holds and how you display them, regardless of your beliefs about life beyond Earth.

Regardless of your opinion on the chart readings, your authentic personality in draconic astrology is determined by your usual chart. The draconic chart should be studied with the tropical natal chart.

Draconic Birth Chart Analysis
Draconic Birth Chart Meaning

Draconic Birth Chart Meaning

When interpreting a Draconic Birth Chart, there are three main things to consider: the house system, the planets, and the aspects. All other information in the chart is supportive of these three factors.

  • The Draconic Birth Chart house system is based on the Earth’s axial precession. This means that the Draconic houses move slowly over time, in a retrograde motion.
  • The Draconic Birth Chart planets are also affected by precession. As a result, they will change signs over the course of your lifetime.
  • The Draconic Birth Chart aspects are also based on the Earth’s axial precession. However, the Draconic aspects will change in a direct motion over time.

Unlike mainstream natal chart readings, the draconic chart doesn’t start with the North Node at the Vernal Equinox; rather, the North Node is effectively the starting of a natal chart, providing a strong connection between how your draconic chart and your soul works.

The North Node is in charge of prior incarnations, your life’s mission, and how you carry it out. Because both your draconic and natal charts impact and provide insight into your node placements, reviewing both charts or obtaining a reading provides insight into the mind’s both sides.

There are a few things to keep in mind when reading your Draconic Birth Chart. First, remember that the Draconic Zodiac is based on the constellations of Draco, the dragon. There are thirteen signs in the Draconic zodiac, each represented by a different constellation.

Second, the Draconic Birth Chart is a tool that can be used to gain insight into your true self. In addition to making you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, it will assist you in utilizing them to your advantage.

The planets in the draconic charts and the tropical zodiac reflect various traits and aspects of life; however, the emphasis in the draconic charts is on how well the soul performs and how it expresses or reveals itself in your life.

Draconic astrology is worth remembering and studying since it can assist you in better understanding your own and other people’s souls. This antiquated study could be used to predict how long-term partnerships develop.

Comparison of Natal and Draconic Charts

Natal charts are designed to give an individual a snapshot of their personality. On the other hand, Draconic charts show an individual’s soul purpose. While a natal chart can provide valuable information about an individual’s personality, it doesn’t always reveal the motivations behind someone’s actions. However, a Draconic chart can help to shed light on an individual’s deeper motivations.

Natal charts are based on the position of the planets at the time of an individual’s birth. Draconic charts, on the other hand, are based on the position of the planets at the time of the vernal equinox. As a result, natal charts can change over time, while Draconic charts remain constant.

Natal charts are used to predict an individual’s future. On the other hand, Draconic charts are used to help an individual understand their past and present. While both natal and Draconic charts can be used to gain insight into an individual’s personality, Draconic charts are more focused on an individual’s soul purpose.

While comparing your draconic and natal charts, you can see where major houses like Medium Coeli (MC) or Midheaven and its rival, Imum Coeli (IC), are located.

In soul-based astrology, even though the moon, sun, and rising signs are significant, Draconic IC, or the fourth house, stands the most intriguing since it provides the most information about the individual families that astrology can provide. The Draconic IC characterizes the family that people wish for in this life, whereas the natal IC depicts the family that people possess and need.

If you believe in reincarnation, the Imum Coeli (IC) is crucial to comprehend your relationship with your roots and ancestors and the origin of life. It can exhibit how your underlying beliefs function and how you remain humble and true to yourself or what you do to be pleased more in-depth in a real-life setting in one-life philosophy.

Although you may be just focused on the synastry associated with your draconic and natal charts, the draconic synastry, in the sense of measuring two people’s souls and compatibility, may be important to you, especially if you are interested in natal synastry.

There is much less free choice in a relationship when accounting for draconic compatibility. It necessitates a perception of familiarity that depicts love, demonstrating the kind of relationships people engage in and how they develop and work on them. In the end, it represents how two different souls collaborate over time.

Draconic Natal Chart
Draconic Chart Soul Mates

Draconic Natal Chart – What You Should Know?

A Draconic natal chart is an astrological tool used to determine a person’s destiny and potential. It is based on the belief that all people are born with a “draconic soul” that contains our past lives’ memories. This soul guides us through our current life and provides us with information about our future.

The chart is divided into 12 sections, each representing a different area of life. The first six sections correspond to the traditional western astrological houses, while the remaining six correspond to the eastern ones.

The Draconic natal chart can be used to answer any question about your life. It can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, relationships, career, and spiritual path. It can also be used to make predictions about the future.

Understanding Draconic Chart & Soul Mates

A Draconic chart is a powerful tool that can be used to understand your soul mate connection. It can also be used to understand the dynamics of any relationship. The link between the Draconic chart and soul mates is that the Draconic chart can be used as a guide to help you find your true soul mate.

The Draconic chart is based on the energy of the planets and the asteroids. It is believed that the Draconic chart can help you to understand your karmic patterns and how they are connected to your soul mate.

When you use the Draconic chart to find your soul mate, you will be able to see the energy of the relationship and how it can change over time. You will also be able to see how the relationship will progress and what challenges you may face along the way. The Draconic chart can be a helpful tool in understanding your soul mate connection.

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