Who Does Aquarius Get Along With? Surprising Details Inside

Aquarius is the most unique and outlandish of all the zodiac signs. They have eccentric interests and don’t conform to societal norms. Aquarians enjoy rational conversations and love to indulge in debates on politics, current affairs, or any topic that requires a logical viewpoint. They are introverts but not shy and enjoy a close group of friends. An Aquarian may not be the easiest to be a partner with, but once you earn a corner in their heart, it’s for life.

As per astrology, Aquarius is an air sign. The air element makes an Aquarian genial, colloquial, positive, self-reliant, and candid. They shy away from clingy and too sensitive people. They are very guarding of their freedom and can be rebellious whenever they don’t get the space they desire to be themselves.

But, who are most compatible with these non-conformists who do not reveal their emotions so quickly? Let’s have a look at the signs which match with Aquarius.

Who Does Aquarius Get Along With


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Who Does Aquarius Get Along With

Imagine wind meeting fire. It’s literally fanning the fire. Aquarians and Sagittarians somehow find tremendous solace in each other. They equally support and inspire one another. They are both lovers of freedom and value personal space to be themselves. They can indulge in talks that require in-depth acumen and beliefs while respecting each other’s views. At the same time, they are like yin and yang. While the Aquarian is rebellious and dynamic, the Sagittarius has the knack to balance them.

A Sagittarian typically has different public and private faces, and the Aquarian untiringly makes an effort to peel their layers. They both have magnetic dispositions and can pull a crowd.

The energy they pick up from one another is something hard to find in any other. They can pretty much read each other’s minds without many words said. People often misinterpret a Sagittarian because of which they usually veil themselves. But an Aquarian in their life is a guarding angel who always makes sure to protect them.

Their frame of mind is very similar- fun-loving, thinkers, and always searching for the higher truth. They can uplift each other with fewer words and more action.

An Aquarian finds the perfect partner in a Sagittarian because they can be free with them. At the same time, they are loyal and respectful- something that an Aquarius seeks in a partner.

All things said, Sagittarians need to be more expressive and let their guard down because Aquarius is gentle and more accepting than you expect. All they ask is for you to be real so that they can give themselves to you wholly. On the other hand, an Aquarius needs to be more relaxed being themselves, be it weird or quirky. It’s only by expressing that they can release the emotions they engage as the water bearer.


gemini Who Does Aquarius Get Along With

A match that seldom ignites, but when it does, it involves incredible chemistry. Together an Aquarian and a Geminian are a couple-goal because they can keep things stirring and engaging. They can be both best friends and partners at the same time. They usually begin on a no-strings-attached note, and all things happen pretty early. But that doesn’t take away the respect they have for each other.

You can imagine the likeness between them, for they both are Air signs. They are rational, fast-paced, witty, and can enjoy each other’s company and their intense style of talks. The Gemini and Aquarius couple is usually quick-thinking and often put their ideas into action with double the wits without further ado.

The love affair between an Aquarian and a Gemini is typically spurring where the latter is always smitten with the former’s ideas and thoughts. Both love their freedom and give each other the same. The only setback is when a Gemini cannot keep up with a fast-paced Aquarian or think they are too headstrong. But, this problem seldom occurs because they have an immense understanding of each other.


libra Who Does Aquarius Get Along With

Another example of an air and air couple is one between an Aquarian and a Libran. They are ideal for the world. They can analyze what’s missing and fill the gaps through effective communication. They are prudent and softer signs and can last together as lovers and friends alike.

An Aquarian and a Libran are strong and can surmount anything they face together. Although they are aware of life’s harsh realities, they don’t let morbid thoughts consume them. Instead, they make a mutual effort to make life thrilling and spellbinding. Their fondness makes them strong together because they don’t conform to societal norms or pleasing people.

The Libra can often mellow down Aquarius’s wild side, maintaining a balance that they are best at. Both are flirtatious, where Aquarius is eccentric and Libra charismatic. Their conversation style is what attracts them to each other leading to a passionate romance. And eventually, both can easily keep a long-term relationship. They are a powerhouse together and naturally get pulled towards each other.


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Saving the best for the last, what can work better between an Aquarius and an Aquarius? Together they are twice the fun and dynamic force. They are so similar yet so distinct. They are similar in shared interests and views yet distinct in style. They usually begin as friends until they realize their intimate feelings for each other.

The wavelength between them makes their conversations ever exciting. They resonate with each other’s intellect and are wholly content and passionate with each other. There is no scope for doubts, jealousy, and restraints but only positive vibes between the two.

The chemistry between an Aquarius and an Aquarius is beyond par as they hold pragmatism and share the same goals. The more time they give to each other, the more they can thrive and grow stronger with unparalleled support for each other.

While these are some common grounds of harmony between Aquarius and some signs, it finally boils down to a connection you build with someone. Love has the power to conquer all analysis and statistics.

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