Scorpio Disappearing Test – Updated 2023 – A Complete Guide

Are you in a relationship with a person whose zodiac sign is Scorpio? Everything is going smooth sailing, and out of nowhere, he/she pulls the disappearing act on you. Scorpios are notorious for doing this, especially after proclaiming their love to you.

Scorpios are an individualistic sign and are controlled by Pluto. They operate on a life and death cycle and are enigmatic personalities who can be intense, defensive, passionate, and mysterious. They value solidarity like crazy. Anytime you get immensely close to them, they will break away from you.

You may find this strange and challenging to handle. Please don’t beat yourself up; we have compiled a complete guide about Scorpios. The tests they put you through and how you can thrive and build a strong relationship with your powerful Scorpio partner.

Scorpios are frighteningly focused and understand the human psyche to a whole new level. You might find them simply testing your love and loyalty at regular intervals of your relationship.

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Scorpio Disappearing Test- A Complete Guide

Scorpio is the eighth sign, according to the zodiac chart. Scorpion sign people are passionate, assertive, and love expressing their emotions. They are a fan of experiencing new things and are brave. Your Scorpio partner will manifest his/her emotions, unlike other water signs.

They are controlled by the planet of transformation and regeneration, Pluto. Scorpios are fierce and mature individuals who probably understand the rules of the universe very well. They detest dishonesty and are prone to jealousy and suspiciousness.

Scorpios value the truth and will dig and research until they get to it. They can be the best secret keepers if you are loyal to them and they are loyal to you. Who knows you may find your best friend in your scorpion partner?

To understand the Scorpio Disappearing test, you should understand his/her characteristics first.

Scorpios Are Mysterious

When you date a Scorpio, you will realize that even if you know your partner, you never know them. They shield themselves behind a mask. You will find them being aloof and unrevealing. You may never know what exactly your partner is thinking. But he is thinking something alright.

Your Scorpio partner has deep-seated feelings and emotions and burning passion behind his/her mask. Often, they have not tapped into these weltering feelings. Their mysterious aura draws you towards them even more, isn’t it?

Scorpios Are Sensitive

Scorpions are high-order thinking individuals. Many of them are empaths and have a deep understanding of psychology. Their sensitivity is legendary. Your scorpion partner is prone to get hurt easily. The feeling of hurt remains etched in their memory.

Even feelings of sheer happiness and an unbridled passion are felt immensely by Scorpions. They are emotional people and express the emotion either openly or keep them buried depending on whether they trust you.

They Detest Dishonesty

Your Scorpion partner vehemently detests lies. He/she can spot a lie from a hundred miles. They have a strong ethic where the truth is a concern. Lying to them feels equivalent to an ice-cold betrayal to them.

Even presenting yourself differently can make your Scorpio partner suspicious, and he/she will retaliate. They will react to lying in a manner that makes you never repeat the mistake.

They are extremely Self-Protective

Scorpios have a reputation for secrecy. If they do not trust you fully, your Scorpion partner will not reveal themselves to you. Oh, and if he/she has been brutally hurt before, it will take them forever to trust you.

Scorpions will hide their true emotions and feeling till they are sure of you. They would rather protect themselves than risk rejection and betrayal.

The Disappearing Act

As we mentioned before, Scorpios are notorious for pulling the disappearing act. The act is both a test for you and a recouping and regeneration for them. You might notice, they will be intense and proclaim their love to you and then suddenly vanish into thin air.

You might also notice that your scorpion partner won’t be fully committed even at the beginning of your relationship. They are highly vulnerable and self-protective people. Your Scorpion partner will dip their toe into the relationship and then take two steps back. They do this back and forth to test the waters.

When they get incredibly close to you, they pull back and test you. Scorpios will bundle into their cocoons and disappear for days together and see if you miss them and love them. They test your commitment levels by pulling a disappearing act. You are expected to plan an enigmatic day filled with passion and intimacy the day they return if they return.

They value their individuality and solitude insanely. Your Scorpion partner will pull the disappearing act if he/she starts feeling suffocated. Too much contact with you and immense passionate, emotional bond tires them out. This makes them disappear too. Don’t worry if they return; they return rejuvenated and start a new spark to your relationship.

Scorpio Silence Test

If the disappearing test is not enough, you need to deal with the infamous Scorpio silence test too. When you are in a heated romance with your Scorpion partner, he/she might randomly stop communicating with you. The silent treatment probably might be nothing. Here is what you should do when your Scorpion partner starts the silence test.

Don’t Assume The Worst

When your Scorpion partner stops all communication with you, don’t assume the worst. You probably haven’t done anything. He/she might be sick or needs to dive into their cocoon for some solitude. Scorpios tend to be pretty moody and unresponsive at times. It is not personal at all. So, relax and bide the time.

Your Scorpio Could Be Testing You

Highly self-protective and vulnerable people, Scorpios could be testing you. When they suddenly go silent after being chatty for a while, it could be their silence test. This is one of the many tests your Scorpion partner will put you through before committing.

He/she is testing how much effort you will put into reaching out and rekindling the communication. Make sure you reassure and prove that you will be there for them always. Once you pass the test, your Scorpio partner will come running back even more passionate.

Try Not To Get Upset

When the silent treatment starts, try not to get upset. He/she might have gotten hurt by something you said or did even if you didn’t think you did. Your Scorpio is probably waiting for you to apologize to them.

If you feel an apology isn’t justified, simply reach out and talk to him/her. Try to understand their emotion. Trust that if they give you the silent treatment and show you emotions, your Scorpio partner values you in their lives.

Reach Out To Your Partner First

As we said, the silent treatment is a test for you. Don’t try to give back the silent treatment to your Scorpio partner if you want them in your lives. They will not attempt to make contact with you at all and completely disappear from your life.

If a Scorpio starts with the silent treatment, make an effort to reach out and find what’s bothering them. Don’t ignore them; he/she will withdraw from you completely. Keep all your communication channels open so that there is a way back for your Scorpion partner.

Give Him/Her Space

Sometimes, the silent treatment simply means he/she needs some space. They probably want to disappear into their shell and reenergize themselves. Scorpios are introverted and value alone time.

Reach out to find out if this is the case. Then give them space to recuperate. Communicate to your Scorpio partner that you need a fair warning when they want to disappear so that you give them space.

Scorpio Disappearing Test, Scorpio Silence Test, Scorpio Jealousy Test,

Scorpio Jealousy Test

Scorpios will test you insanely with their jealousy. They are hyper-loyal people and highly vulnerable. Control freaks to the next level; they want to know your tiniest of movements. They tend to be devoted and keep testing if you are too. Scorpios will be borderline psychotic in examining if you are cheating on them.

They will ask to keep tabs on you. Your Scorpio partner might even follow you everywhere you go to make sure you are not cheating on him. Insane, isn’t it? If you don’t give your Scorpio, enough attention they smell the green monster of envy.

Oh, they will test your patience with their jealousy. They will demand to know why you are dressing up a certain way. Scorpions might not even try to understand that you are simply talking to a person when their possessiveness flares up.

What can you do to deal with their jealousy? Communicate with them. Tell them about the people you meet and who they are in your life. Constantly reassure them they are the ones that matter, and you will always be there for them. Remain calm and try to draw them out of their jealousy phase. They will appreciate you even more, when you pass this test.

Scorpio Man Disappears For Weeks? Here’s What It Means

Your Scorpio man is intense and fueled by unbridled passion. He can be the most loving, romantic, and loyal person to you. Unfortunately, he loves solitude and peace just as much. So, don’t be surprised if he disappears on you for weeks.

Here is what it means if he disappears on you suddenly.

He Is Confused

He is probably confused either about something or you. If he doesn’t trust you and doesn’t see any potential in the relationship, he might vanish. Even if he is confused about something else, he would rather disappear and figure it out himself than tell you.

He Is Angry

Scorpios generally prefer avoiding conflict and fights of any sort unless he has been moved to the brink of anger. If he is outraged and doesn’t see any point in lashing out at you, he will disappear for a while, abate his anger and come back. He might expect you to reach out and find out what’s wrong. Or he might simply want to be left alone.

He Is Hurt

If a Scorpio man is hurt or heartbroken, he is not going to communicate with you. He is going to build up his walls like a soldier protecting the nation. He does this to protect himself, and he would rather deal with alone, separately from you, than make himself more vulnerable. All you need to do is, give him space at such a time. Your partner will heal himself and return.

He Is Testing You

He conducts several tests before committing to you fully. These may take months and years even. Sometimes even when he is committed to you, he will keep testing you. He will disappear to test whether you will reach out and care about him in his absence. So, keep reassuring him and try reaching out even when he disappears without any contact.

He Is Simply Being Himself

This might probably be annoying to you, but his disappearance is probably being himself. Scorpios are introverted and tend to close themselves off into a shell. Your partner might simply have disappeared to do that.

Don’t worry unless indicated otherwise; he will return rejuvenated and reenergized. He probably just needed a break and will bring back a renewed spark to your relationship.

Will Scorpio Man Come Back After Disappearing?

Your Scorpio man has disappeared for weeks to take a break. Are you wondering if he will return? Of course, this depends on why he disappeared. If you and your man had communicated about his disappearance, fret not; he will return reenergized and rekindle the romance.

On the flip side, if he was at the brink of his anger and extremely hurt by your actions, he might not return. His disappearing is his way of telling you the relationship is over. We pray this doesn’t happen to you. But unfortunately, it does because Scorpio men are intense and unpredictable. They won’t let you know what hurts them and disappear into thin air.

If there is no indication that he wants to break up, you have nothing to worry about. Just give him space or reach out to him. He will take his own time and return to you more passionate and more loving.

End Notes

A Scorpion partner is extremely unpredictable and intense. He will love you to the moon and leaving you feeling all alone all at the same time. He will test you. He will test your limits, your patience, your loyalty, and even your nature.

Make sure you are strong enough to handle a Scorpio before getting into a relationship with him. If you are too sensitive and cannot handle the disappearances and the constant testing, take a hike. There is plenty of fish in the sea who will treat you as you deserve.

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