Mayan Gender Chart – Understanding Mayan Gender Predictor Chart

Have you recently found out that you or your partner are pregnant? Among the excitement of bringing a new life into your family, you can’t help thinking about the baby’s gender? After all, what are you going to name the child? Tyler? Taylor? Or something gender-neutral like Alex?

A lot of future planning depends on your child’s gender. Little things such as buying gender-specific toys and painting the nursery take time and being in the know. While medical science can tell you your child’s gender through DNA tests or sonograms, some people like the mystery.

An angel on your right might tell you to wait till childbirth, while the one of your left might want you to know. The dilemma is natural. This is why we introduce you to the Mayan Gender Chart. This ancient gender prediction chart will curb both voices in your mind.

Mayan Gender Predictor Chart 2021 – A Complete Guide

Gender prediction without medical procedures is a mysterious and debated topic. Many people wonder how predicting a child’s gender is possible without a sonogram or a DNA test. On the flip side, many astrologists and numerologists believe in prediction charts and calendars.

Among the various gender prediction tools and charts used by astrologers, the most intriguing is the Mayan Gender predictor.

The Mayan gender predictor chart is believed to be one of the most accurate gender predictor charts on the Internet. While it doesn’t have any scientific backing, astrologers swear by the chances of the chart successfully predicting your child’s gender.

Where Did the Mayan Gender Predictor Chart Come From?

The Mayan gender predictor chart came from the Maya civilization. It was formed by the Maya people, a civilization that existed in northern Belize, southern Mexico, and Guatemala. The Maya people were deeply indulged in numerology. Therefore, almost every aspect of nature and human life was associated with months and numbers for them.

Mayans are credited with the introduction and implementation of the advanced writing system. They were also expert astronomists. Therefore, following their calendar-based logic, they created the Mayan gender predictor chart.

The Maya people widely used this chart to predict the genders of their own unborn children. However, even after centuries, this chart is used by people to predict their baby’s gender. Many pregnant women use the Mayan gender chart for fun. They use the chart to predict the child’s gender before getting a scientific test.

What Does the Mayan Gender Prediction Chart Look Like?

The Mayank Gender Prediction chart is one of the easiest ways to predicting your baby’s gender. This is because of the simplicity of the chart. All you need to do is know the mother’s age at the time of conception and the month of conception. The Mayan gender prediction chart 2021 does the rest for you.

The lists the probable maternal ages on the vertical margin while the months in the years in the horizontal margin. The main body of the chart is divided into intersecting cells between age and month. When an intersection means a boy will be born, the cell is blue. While, when an intersection predicts a girl’s birth, the cell is pink in color.

Mayan Gender Chart – Getting Started

The Mayank gender chart was created with the concept that the month of conception and the mother’s age determine the organs a child is going to develop. This concept has nothing to do with science but has deep roots in cultural and astronomical beliefs.

What You Will Need

The Mayan gender prediction chart is extremely straightforward. All you need to predict a child’s gender through the Mayan gender chart are:

  • The Mayan gender prediction chart 2021 itself
  • The age of the mother at the time of conception
  • The month in which the mother had conceived

How to Use the Chart

As mentioned above, the Mayan gender chart is extremely easy to use to predict your baby’s gender. The chart is already made for anyone to read without any prior knowledge on the topic.

The chart consists of possible ages in which a woman can conceive on the y-axis margin. The x-axis margin is reserved for the different months of the years.

The rest of the chart is created through a series of interconnected cells. It looks a lot like a Microsoft Excel sheet. Each cell connects a specific month. You can see the gender you can expect our child to be off through the color of the cells.

To know your baby’s gender, you will have to check the color of the cell that connects your age to the month of conception. When a cell is blue, it means that the chart predicts you to have a baby boy. Whereas, if the cell is pink, your baby is predicted to be a girl.

How Does the Chart Work?

The Maya people had a very calendar-centric logic. Therefore, they came up with the idea that the mother’s age at the time and month of conception can determine a child’s gender.

While reading the chart is extremely simple due to its self-explanatory presentation, one might wonder how the chart works.

According to the Maya people, both the mother’s age and month of conception are either odd or even, the child will be a girl. On the other hand, if the age is even and the month of conception is odd or vice-versa, the child will be a boy.

This means, if the mother is 24 years old (even) and conceives in January (odd), the child will be a boy. However, if the mother is 25 years old (odd) and conceives in January (odd), the child will be a girl.

While there is no scientific evidence of how this chart works, it has some accuracy to it. Let us discuss whether the chart works and how accurate the predictions are in the next section.

Mayan Gender Prediction Accuracy

The Maya – a cultural group of people known for their talents in math and stars – using the calendar to predict a baby’s gender seems reasonable. However, with the medical advancement of the 21st century, we must be aware of whether a specific prediction method is accurate or not.

Many astrologers argue on the high accuracy of the Mayan gender prediction chart. However, due to the lack of any evidence, it only seems to be guesswork. What the Maya people reasoned this prediction chart with is a mystery. However, we know now that even the accuracy rates do not seem to match from different sources.

We believe the Mayan gender prediction chart’s accuracy to be the same as the flip of a coin – 50%. The chart can either be correct or incorrect. There is no in-between, and it is just a matter of gamble.

However, some astrologers swear by the 87% accuracy of the Mayan gender prediction calendar. They believe in the numerological and astrological logic the Maya people have used to create their gender prediction chart.

Mayan Pregnancy Predictor – Does it Work?

When the Mayan pregnancy or gender predictor is in question, the major debate is whether it works or not. Considering the calendar-centric tradition of the Maya people, we understand they believed in the calendar’s accuracy.

The Maya people fashioned the Mayan pregnancy or gender predictor according to their own calendar. However, the persisting issue is that the Mayans used four different calendars.

  • The Haab: This is a 365 days solar year calendar similar to the Gregorian calendar we use today. The head consists of nineteen months; eighteen of them last for 20 days. The last month, Wayab, however, lasts for only five days.
  • The Tzolk’in: Considered the Maya’s sacred calendar, the Tzolkin is divided into 260 unique sacred days.
  • Calendar Round: The calendar round weaves the Haab and the Tzolkin together. Due to the interwovenness of the Haab and the Tzolkin in the Calendar round, Mayans believed humans to gain special wisdom on their 52nd birthday.
  • The Long Count: The Long Count was a calendar used to document 52 years of historical and mythical events. It began from the mythical date of the creation of Maya.

Each calendar in the Maya civilization had a special role to play. Since there is no specification regarding which Maya calendar is used to create the Mayan gender prediction chart, it is hard to say if it really works.

Even new-age astrologers have come to believe that the Mayan gender prediction chart is only a matter of chance. There is no scientific proof that the character will actually work.

Best Ancient Baby Gender Predictors

In recent years, knowing a baby’s gender is a simple affair. With a variety of tests, you can find out your child’s sex in only a day or two. However, such methods were not available to people in the ancient years.

People in the ancient years too craved to know whether they were going to birth a boy or a girl. Due to the lack of medical and scientific approaches, they resorted to many other ways of gender prediction. The Mayan gender prediction chart is only one of them. Let us look at the other prediction methods ancient people used to predict a child’s gender.

Morning Sickness

Many people believe in monitoring the pregnant woman’s morning sickness to determine her child’s gender. People believed that if the mother had severe morning sickness, she is likely to have a girl. However, if she has little to no troubles in that department, she is likely to have a boy.

To date, there is no scientific backing to this theory. However, some midwives swear by this prediction method.

Dowsing – Pendulum Gender Prediction Test

There is no evidence about where the ancient gender predictor known as dowsing came from. While some people believe it to originate from Central America, others believed the tradition came from China.

The method involves laying the expecting mother down with an exposed belly. The person assisting her would take her wedding ring and tie it to the end of a thread. Naturally, when a weighted thread is swung over the belly, it was either moves in a circular motion or in a straight line.

People who believe in dowsing believe that if the thread swings in a straight line, the mother is going to have a boy. However, if the tread swings in a circular manner, she is going to have a girl. The people who originated this method believed that the child’s energy was the reason for a change in gravitational and swinging patterns.

Chinese Gender Prediction

The Chinese Gender Prediction is very similar to the Mayan gender predicting chart. The prediction method was found by the members of the Qing dynasty. The Chinese gender prediction calendar used the mother’s lunar age and the lunar month of conception. However, the Mayan gender prediction method uses the solar years.

The Mother’s Footsteps – French Gender Prediction

According to the 15th Century French midwives, a baby’s gender can be predicted through the mother’s footsteps. They believed that if the mother begins to take her stride by her left foot, she is going to have a baby girl. However, if she begins her stride by her right foot, she is likely to have a baby boy.

Summing Up

The Mayan gender prediction chart is a product of a civilization known for its expertise in astronomy. However, whether or not the chart really is a product of the Maya civilization has also been debated. Some people have debated the Mayan chart being nothing but an old midwife’s tale.

People have many different ways to get the information they have been feeling the urge to get. Whether those methods make sense or not is a matter of debate.

From the Chinese gender calculator, the Mayan gender prediction calendar, to the craving the mother has during pregnancy, everything has been used to predict a child’s gender. Whether one chooses to believe a certain method or not is their personal choice.

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