Kim Taehyung Zodiac Sign, Birth Chart & More – Updated 2023

Kim Taehyung, also known as “V,” is one of the seven members of the South Korean K-pop boy band BTS. He was born on December 30, 1995, and is 26 years old as of 2022. He debuted along with fellow BTS members in 2013, although the company kept him a “secret” during their pre-debut era to keep him as a “surprise.”

Fans have seen V change his persona throughout the years. Perhaps his evolution is one of the most noticeable developments of all BTS members. Fans have seen V change his persona throughout the years. Perhaps his evolution is one of the most noticeable developments of all BTS members, as his personality at the moment is quite different than what he portrayed during the first years of his career.

This article is about the Taehyung Zodiac Sign, based on the information we have at the moment. Please note that some of the information can be inaccurate as the birth time is missing – but the birth date is enough for us to see an overview of his natal chart.

Kim Taehyung Zodiac Sign – A Complete Guide

Due to being born on December 30, 1995, V is a Capricorn. Capricorn is well-known for being quite dedicated to their art, which makes them exceptionally well in what they have chosen to focus on. He may also be eccentric and quite carefree, but don’t be fooled – he’s quite supportive of those who surround him.

Another common characteristic of Capricorn includes intelligence and loyalty. The Army often refers to V as a “creative genius,” – but that is no surprise with someone with so many Capricorn placements. Perhaps it was the influence of Capricorn that made him create the phrase “I purple you” back in 2016.

It’s also worth noting that Taehyung has a keen eye for small details. He will hardly forget a face – and we’re not saying this arbitrarily. Back in 2019, he recognized a fan that had greeted him previously during the Wembley stadium concert BTS. Considering that Army is one of the biggest fan bases in the world, this is quite impressive!

Given that V is a Capricorn, we can say that he’s quite compatible with Taurus signs – but we’ll dive deeper into his zodiac sign compatibility later on in the article.

Taehyung Birth / Natal Chart Overview

Kim Taehyung Zodiac Sign
Taehyung Zodiac Sign Compatibility
BTS Natal Chart Analysis

Let’s take a look at Taehyung’s birth chart.

Taehyung Birth Chart

Some aspects may be inaccurate due to the lack of birth time. However, this is what his birth chart looks like, generally speaking. You probably know that the Kim Taehyung Zodiac Sign is Capricorn if you’re part of the Army.

Capricorn natives tend to have extremely high standards. Competitiveness, logical thinking, and ambition are some of their most notable characteristics, and we’ve seen how Taehyung has expressed many of these traits throughout his career.

Due to his competitiveness, Taehyung is willing to do anything if it grants him a win – even if that means he has to break some rules. This is no surprise for Army – there are tons of compilations out there of V cheating during games made by fans.

It’s also worth noting that Malefic aspects almost completely rule V’s chart. He has tons of placements in Capricorn, which can be a sign that he’s prone to self-sabotage without a particular reason. It may also make him feel “dry” and “awkward,” but he has learned how to see past these factors throughout this time. He’s constantly learning how to become a better version of himself in each social experience, specifically due to his Aries moon.

Despite being quite self-critical, Taehyung doesn’t really care about what others think of him. However, this can be a double-edged sword, as it may make him feel “misunderstood” or “too different” from everyone else.

V is constantly learning through the experiences he goes through as a member of BTS. Plus, his Sagittarius Jupiter is his strongest placement. He is not afraid to try new things and doesn’t mind trying something different from what he’s used to. This is evidenced due to his lifestyle. He’s an idol, a different path from the farmer lifestyle that he grew up with.

His Sagittarius Jupiter makes him considerably persistent and a risk-taker. He’s constantly exploring new ways of re-building his own world.

Sun in Capricorn

People with a Capricorn sun are honest and reserved. They have a strong will and ambition, but they can also be bitter and mistrustful.

Moon in Aries

Those with an Aries moon are quite charming and tend to feel strong emotions. However, they may be perceived as childish by other people.

Mercury in Capricorn

This is the second Capricorn placement that V has. In this case, we can interpret his Capricorn Mercury as a manifestation of his determination. Other positive characteristics associated with this placement include rationality, reflectiveness, and good judgment.

However, a Capricorn Mercury may also mean that the person tends to embrace sarcasm as a form of self-defense or expression. They also tend to be quite skeptical.

Venus in Aquarius

This placement makes V quite open-minded. He’s often looking forward to the future and ways to improve himself. He may seem quite “rebellious” to some in this regard.

Mars in Capricorn

The third Capricorn placement of Taehyung is on Mars. This means that he’s a hard-working and disciplined person. He can be quite reliable and realistic, keeping his expectations balanced with whatever is happening at the moment.

On the other hand, the Capricorn Mars may also mean that he can be cold at times. Furthermore, he may be prone to act on what he feels at the moment, making him quite sensitive from time to time.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

As we’ve described above, V’s strongest placement is his Sagittarius Jupiter. There are little to no bad characteristics associated with this placement, and some of the main positive traits may include friendliness and enthusiasm. Furthermore, he can be an inspiration and quite philosophical. He’s a hard-working person that’s constantly looking for ways to improve his situation.

Saturn in Pisces

The influence of Pisces makes Taehyung quite energetic at times. It also fulfills him with determination and toughness, making him capable of managing different complicated situations without losing his temper at times. However, this can also mean that he may prefer to work alone. Insensitiveness is also present in this placement.

Uranus in Capricorn

Intelligence, uniqueness, and creativity are one of the biggest traits that Uranus adds to V’s personality. However, this placement may also mean that he lacks firmness.

Pluto in Sagittarius

Last but not least, Taehyung has a Sagittarius Pluto. This means that he has a fighting spirit that makes him quite willing to do whatever it takes to win. He is not afraid to break the rules if that means he will get the victory.

As an extra note, no planets within V’s natal chart are in retrograde.

Kim Taehyung birth chart
Kim Taehyung Natal Chart

Taehyung Zodiac Sign Compatibility

V is a Capricorn. This sign is characterized by being ambitious and dedicated, but he can also be quite reserved and patient. As we’ve described, he’s a hard-working person that is looking forward to building a solid future. He’s constantly working to improve his skills, regardless if they are social or creative.

Taehyung may prefer long-term relationships and family life when it comes to relationships. He may feel about this as a “personal accomplishment.” This is no surprise due to the presence of Capricorn in multiple of his aspects.

Taehyung can connect with others through his sense of humor. In each interview, you can see him trying to be the best version of himself, often talking about his father or other aspects of his life.

As a Capricorn, Taehyung is the most compatible with Taurus and Cancer natives. A Taurus person can help him feel he has someone he can rely on, while a Cancer native may show him that emotions are a part of life and necessary at times.

Virgos like Jungkook or RM may also be compatible with V. Plus, other Capricorns may also find it easy to connect and often find themselves admiring Taehyung’s intentions and drive, especially because they understand where it comes from. Other signs that can be compatible with V include Scorpio and Pisces (Suga).

Now, Aries and Libra natives may have a hard time trying to connect with V.

BTS Natal Chart Analysis

Reading their natal chart is a great way of getting to know your favorite artists better. Here we have a general analysis of BTS as a whole group.

Most members of BTS are more alike than you think. Some of the placements they may have in common include Mars in Cancer (such as RM, Suga, or Jin) or in Scorpio (like Jimin or Jungkook). Mars is the ruler of Scorpio but is in fall in Cancer. Hence, most BTS members either struggle while trying to resist their impulses or perhaps push themselves to extremes most of the time.

V and J-Hope have a Saturn that rules Mars. Hence, they may feel like they struggle to get where they want to go in life.

After analyzing each of BTS’s members’ natal charts, we can say that RM is the only one that does not have hard aspects between his soon and moon and his nodes. This issue can be interpreted as nodal issues, such as insecurity and growth preoccupations. However, it is important to consider that the group has considerably high sun energy.

It’s also worth noting that BTS has a lot of mutable energy. This statement excludes J-Hope, who has a fixed sign heavy, and V, who has a cardinal sign heavy. The presence of such high levels of mutable energy means that the group is continually “looking for the new thing.” Therefore, they’re willing and not afraid to try new things, although they may have trouble during the execution of these ideas and putting them into a single project.

Continuing with the previous idea, V can help with initiative while J-hope can help them clarify and define their goals.

Overall, we can say that each of the members of BTS is not afraid of exploring new depths and elements in their projects. They’re often looking for ways to innovate in unexpected ways.

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