Cupido Astrology, Asteroid Number & More – UPDATED 2023

Cupido Astrology is part of relationship astrology, which can be used to obtain insight into your relationships. It is necessary to use your natal chart. This way, you can find out what you want and need in a relationship, as well as your typical behavior while you’re in one.

Cupido is the asteroid ruler of crushes and infatuation. It can give you an idea of how you behave when you feel infatuated or have a crush on someone. In other words, it is utilized to describe the initial part of a relationship or to meet someone new.

There are many websites out there that you can use to find out your Cupido location, such as

We will explain what you need to know about Cupido Astrology.

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Cupido Astrology – A Complete Guide

As explained, Cupido influences how your behavior during the first stages of your relationship. It has a different effect depending on the zodiac sign. Hence, if you’ve already found out where Cupido is in your natal chart and would like to know the meaning, here we have in-depth explanations of each one.

Cupido in Natal Sign and House

Cupido indicates the style, tone, and preferred place of action for the person’s romantic abilities based on the natal sign and house it is in. There can be both positive and negative aspects.

Hard planetary aspects in Cupid can have a dual meaning. Firstly, it may be linked to the characteristic you like the most about “generating” attraction. On the other hand, these aspects may also be associated with the barriers or obstacles you put on yourself while pursuing the object of your desire, such as perfectionism or fears.

Cupido in positive aspects can make the individual quite attractive based on the individual aspects that the aspect planet expresses.

Cupido in retrograde could mean that the person has a tendency to repress their own needs to obtain love. For instance, this can become apparent when a person becomes infatuated with a certain individual based on their appearance, only to discover that they’re a completely different person once they get to know them better. Furthermore, the love object may not have the same interest as the bearer.

Natal sign position can influence the style and tone of Cupido. Below there is a deeper explanation of each of the signs.

Cupido in Virgo – What does it mean?

Individuals with Cupido in Virgo tend to focus on the small details once they’ve become infatuated with a person. Their love language is likely an act of service, so they will try their best to help them whenever they need them.

People with Cupido in Virgo also tend to be quite passionate in everything they do. Plus, they truly enjoy and get the most benefits whenever they work in something they love, allowing them to achieve the best results. This practicality makes them attractive in the eyes of other people.

Cupido in Cancer

Cupido in Cancer makes the person fall really fast and hard. If you’ve already put your eyes on someone, you’ll throw all your feelings on them at the first chance. However, as fast as the feelings may appear, they can disappear, appear again, and so on.

People with Cupido in Cancer tend to easily fall in love and out of love. Perhaps they have had hundreds of crushes throughout their lifetime. Cancer people tend to be quite nurturing. Some people may perceive this aspect of your personality as quite attractive.

Whenever you’re emotionally invested in something or someone, you truly put all of your energy into it.

Cupido in Pisces

When it comes to Cupido in Pisces, things are a bit complicated. You either have a hard time falling for people or perhaps you crush on people too frequently. If you feel identified with the first case, you will likely look for a “deeper” and “spiritual” connection with another individual. If the second case fits you better, you likely find yourself fantasizing about ideal relationships.

People with Cupido in Pisces tend to be very compassionate and empathetic.

Cupido in Scorpio

As per usual, people with Cupido in Scorpio are extremely passionate and intense. This can lead to them becoming obsessed if they’ve already become interested in someone. For you, it’s all or nothing. This same passion can be deemed attractive by other people.

Cupido in Leo

Individuals with Cupido in Leo tend to be quite romantic and “full of life.” You love the drama and all the theatrics that come with falling in love. Perhaps your first crush was loved itself. Plus, you likely find yourself giving attention to the people you are interested in once you’ve become infatuated. However, you want them to give you attention, too.

On the other hand, people with Cupido in Leo tend to be quite creative, passionate, and generous. These are some of the many attractions that Leo has under their sleeve.

Cupido in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is characterized as being passionate but not at the same level as Scorpio. It has less intensity but is more fun and entertaining. Love is a game for you.

Whenever you become interested in someone, your instinct will be to move toward them with passion and playfulness. However, you may need some time before things can start getting serious.

You might be quite adventurous, which is why people are naturally attracted to you.

Cupido Astrology
Cupido Asteroid Number
Cupido Conjunct Sun Synastry

Cupido in Libra

Individuals with Cupido in Libra tend to be quite passionate about all sorts of relationships. However, something they truly value is commitment. You treat people you’re interested in as equals and give their thoughts and ideas the same importance as yours. These elements can be charming to some people.

Cupido in Capricorn

People with Cupido in Capricorn tend to be more “traditional” when it comes to love and dating someone for the first time. You may want to make things more serious, but only with people that you know, that can take you seriously.

Perhaps you’re most passionate about your career and goals in life.

Cupido in Aquarius

Last but not least, we have people with Cupido in Aquarius. Your approach to love and infatuation is different from what most signs usually do when you become interested in someone. You may display your interest in someone in unusual ways.

Your passions may include your dreams and beliefs. Plus, people tend to find your uniqueness and individuality very attractive.

Cupido Asteroid Number

When it comes to asteroids in Astrology, all of them have a different number assigned. In this case, Cupido has the number 763.

Cupido tends to attract people, similar to how Eros does. An individual with Cupido conjunct the Ascendant is perceived extremely attractive to other people, almost irresistible. Unlike Eros, Cupido uses eroticism while Eros is pure eroticism.

Although it may seem like it, Cupido does not involve love. Again, it symbolizes the “early stages” of a relationship. So, you can say it is a small glance at love without love actually happening. That is why Cupido is considered to be “The Quintessential Player” and one of the major player asteroids there are.

Cupido becomes more visible, conjunct the Ascendant.

Cupido In Virgo
Cupido Conjunct Moon Synastry

Cupido Conjunct: What Is the Meaning of the Synastry With either the Sun or the Moon?

Asteroids do not have the same energetic pull as planets due to their small size.

A conjunction happens when two different elements tag along in the same sign. It can be a good aspect if both planets have compatible qualities. As a result, it can have a relatively high level of energy and action. On the other hand, if the planets don’t get along, there will be more challenges to the situation and may bring discord or dark feelings.

The Cupido Conjunction may look different in each individual. Here’s a general overview of what it could mean for you in your natal chart.

Cupido Conjunct Sun-Synastry

In this situation, the Cupido person often acts as if they were obsessed or “crazy” about the Sun individual. However, this may not be the case most of the time. After all, Cupido is how love looks on the outside – it is too superficial to be meaningful.

Cupido Conjunct Moon Synastry

When it comes to the Moon conjunct Cupido, things are less complicated. Perhaps the Cupido person may try to deceive the Moon person into an affair, but nothing “deeper” is going on.

Other Love Asteroids to Know About

You can find out more about romantic issues by taking a look at the natal positions of different asteroids. Cupid is part of a group known as “The Love Asteroids.” The other members would be Amor, Eros, and Psyche.

Here’s a small glance at how the last three Asteroids can have an influence on your romantic life.


“Amor” is the god of love in Romanian mythology. It represents compassion, kindness, and empathy. While Cupido represents the look of love, Amor is all about the state of loving. It is not only associated with relationships, as it can be linked to anything that the bearer deeply loves—other people associate Amor with idealization and similar feelings.


Eros is the son of Mars and Venus, representing sexual desire. Eros may represent your passion and sexual preference and the “primal” source of your desire. People with a strong Eros placement may be prone to “re-create” the experience of falling in love again. It also represents how much you like physical contact – including sex. Charm and charisma are also part of his influence.


When it comes to Psyche, things become a bit more complicated. Many astrologists have different positions about the meaning of the Psyche in the birth chart and how it should be explained. Some people associate him with finding the “soul mate,” although the idea of a soul mate is also quite ambiguous depending on the individual.

Other interpretations include being physically attuned to another individual. Hence, we can say it symbolizes love and psychic attunement.

The Bottom Line

Love is a complicated topic, and we’re constantly evolving and looking for ways to understand ourselves better. However, if you take into account the position of Cupido and the other love asteroids, you can have a better idea of what love means to you.

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